Chapter IIIMature

Amelia sighed heavily and left the restroom. With three minutes til the tardy bell, Amelia checked over her schedule.

"Band, in the Music Room... Where's the Music Room at?" Amelia wondered, hopelessly. She roamed the halls for what seemed like an eternity.

"Maybe I should ask for help... But I don't want to seem helpless, but I don't want to be late to my very first class!"

In the time Amelia was arguing with herself, minutes passed and the tardy bell finally rang. 

"Oh God..." she said, defeated, "I don't even know where the office is, and I can't just barge in some other class and make a fool of myself. Maybe I could just text John and --- "


"Oh!" She looked down at her phone.

"It's him!"

[John (mobile)]

[Hey! It's John. Don't ask how I got your number. Where are you? The teacher called out your name and you're not here.

8:02 AM]

[Hi... I'm in the hall, lost, in front of room 404.

Sent: 8:03 AM]

[What are you doing on the fourth floor?! The music room is on the first floor! Better hurry, we're already warming up!

8:05 AM]

"Oh no... I gotta get going." Amelia darted down the hallway to the stairs and ran down them two steps at a time. At the top of the third flight, Amelia had an unfortunate case of vertigo and she stepped just a tad too far out from the stair. Amelia's world suddenly turned right-side down. Why was the hallway sideways? Amelia's vision went blurry as she saw a pool of blood forming. Slowly everything faded to black and Amelia could finally go back to that special place where she was invincible, where girls with short hair and quirky features were revered. Amelia was back in Dreamland.

The End

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