Chapter IIMature

"Who was that guy?" Amelia thought as she watched him walk away. She felt eyes again and she saw a lady across the cafeteria, staring harshly into her. The lady had long blonde hair, blue eyes, and was surrounded with people her age. They all looked like they would destroy just anyone who so much as looked at them wrong or walked too close. Amelia also noticed a boy sitting near the lady with red hair and freckles whose eyes were drowned with infatuation. The lady rolled her eyes at him and then made split-second eye contact with Amelia. Amelia immediately looked down, away, and proceeded to finish her mediocre breakfast. Suddenly there was a loud outburst of laughter, and Amelia dared to look up. They were all looking at her, some smirking, some laughing... And some pointing their fingers. The lady cracked an evil smile that Amelia would never forget.

"Why? ... What did I do?" Amelia hurriedly threw away her tray and ran up the stairs, holding back tears. She went to the restroom and locked herself in a stall. With tears rolling down her cheeks, she took out her phone and the slip of paper John had given to her. She entered in his info and stared at the blinking insertion point. Uncertain of what to say, she put her phone to sleep and the first bell rang, signifying the start of her freshman year.

"What a wonderful way to begin," she thought to herself, "All I know is I desperately need someone."

The End

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