Chapter IMature

"I hate alarm clocks," Amelia thought as she disarmed the screaming banshee which woke her from her blissful dreamland. Today was first day of the beginning of the end: the first day of high-school. For some it will be the time of their lives, but for Amelia, it will be all her nightmares come true - all wrapped up in a white walled package.

She sat up in bed with her eyes closed, dreading the day ahead. With a sigh she stood up and stretched. Everything in her wanted to crawl back under her covers and never return to the outside world, but that would just be too easy. Groggily she dressed herself in her neatly ironed school uniform.

"Oh joy," she thought, "just another way for me to prove I am just a zombie of today's society." She shook her head.

"Don't be cynical, Amelia, people don't like cynical," she said to herself. She walked to the restroom for her morning "beauty ritual". She looked at her short, messy, dark brown hair in the mirror and sighed.

"I'll never hug anyone again..." she thought as she shivered. Amelia was once a treat for lice bugs. They loved her long, thick hair. It was because of them that Amelia said goodbye to her long locks, and hello to torment. She didn't know what was in store for her yet though.

"Oh no! Not another zit!" she said, "Why does my body hate me...?" She scowled at herself in the mirror and decided she wasn't too bad. 

Amelia arrived at the school in her mom's minivan. She had always wondered what the use of an SUV was with only one child, who doesn't even participate in many sports - let alone soccer. She said her last goodbyes and shut the car door. The school towered above her with its four stories of misery.

"Almost looks like a castle," she thought.

"HEY! Move it kid! Get outta the way!!! I've got places to be! Uh, HELLOOO???"

"Oh, s-sorry," said Amelia to the very impatient man. It was her fault, she had zoned out standing in the middle of the street.

"FRESH MEAT!" yelled an upper class-man to one of the freshmen boys, as he playfully punched his arm. "Ha ha, I'm just kidding around." Amelia rushed up the stairs making a mental note to avoid upper class-men at all costs. She went through the doors and the smell of Cologne, burritos, and a slight hint of fart washed over her. She cringed at the brightness of the disgustingly colored florescent lights. It's cute how they thought that resembled sunlight.

"And just WHO are YOU?" A girl slightly shorter, and fatter than Amelia was standing before her. 

"M-my name is Amelia," she said as she looked down at the floor, doing her best not to gaze into the abyss of cleavage this unknown girl wielded.

"Awh, shy are we? It's ok! You'll grow out of it soon enough, if not I'll force you out of it, haha! I'm Katherine. You can call me Kitty if you like," she said. Her vibrantly green colored hair blinded Amelia. This girl was just an eyesore.

"Nice to meet you..." Amelia said as she slipped away and went downstairs to the cafeteria. She could feel Katherine's eyes watching her as she left.

"I knew this haircut would give people the wrong idea... I am bisexual but not for girls like that... Nasty," she thought as she stood in line for breakfast. 

"Ew, is that a guy or a girl?"

"Probably a girl, but she looks like a dyke." Amelia overheard some girls talking behind her. Tears began to manifest in her sensitive little tear ducts. She was so embarrassed by this comment. Amelia grabbed her tray and found an empty spot to sit in and sat her head down to cry as quietly as she could. Hoping no one would see, she raised her head up and wiped the tears away. 

"Ah...!" she exclaimed and blushed as she saw a man sitting across from her who wasn't there before. He was as skinny as she was with medium length, black hair. He was her kind of beautiful. 

"Are you a freshman?" he asked her surprisingly, with a deep, rough voice.

"Y-yes..." she replied with hesitation.

"Why are you crying?"

"It's... It's nothing. I'm fine."


"I'm n-not. I am just a little overly sensitive is all."

"So there is something."

"Well... Some girls thought I was a boy. Then they called me a dyke."



"I'm John. It's nice to meet you. Here's my number. Text me if you ever need someone to listen. I know what it's like to be alone." John handed her a piece of paper with digits on it and went back to his original table. 

"Who was that guy...?"

The End

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