I hate Country Music

I'm stuck on the hurten side of life.

Aint got no money and the wife don't find this funny

So I'm singing Come on honey , won't ya give me just one more chance!

I'm tired of feeling pitty so I'm headed off to the city

To see if I can get me, A job like a real man...

But the truck broke down didn't get to far

Stopped in front of the lucky break bar

The man in the corner was playing his guitar

And singing some tune about being a country star

Now I didn't mean to get as drunk as a skunk

But the wife wouldn't listen

And hung up the phone with a clunk

She said all my belongens were over at the dump

And If I didn't show up with some hard earned cash

The boys were gonna burn it along with the trash.

Well I must have passed out because I lost a little time

Woke up in a jail cell , without a nickle or a dime

So I bummed enough money for repairs on my truck

Instead bought me a lottery ticket

Hopen this would change my luck

Well I won me lots of money and bought myself a fancy guitar

Now I'm doing the singing down at the "Lucky Break Bar"

I told the wife I forgave her for not supporten my bad luck

So I handed her the keys said good day here's my truck..

The End

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