rough draft!!

In the halls of Clerkson high school, Glimmer feels like a walking zombie. Her classrooms have no windows, she looks like under-cooked spaghetti in dance class, her only friends are as boring as the small town she lives in, and her dreams of university in NYC are crushed by one big number-40,000 dollars a year. As Glimmer struggles to find an in between-where the glimmers of the world belong, she embarks on a humorous adventure to discover who she is, and who she wants to become.

Glimmer scanned the aisles of the library. She found books on how to be happy, how to write poetry, a book called vagina...which she swiftly put down, and shelves of sappy teenage romance novels. Where were the books for Glimmer? Had authors forgotten that not everyone falls in love over a "forever summer". What about the girl who didn't pass her fitness test in gym class, who's name sounds like it belongs to a stripper, the girl who dreams about boys like Reegan Petterson but stands no chance. The girl who never really has a place in the high school halls. The girl who has lot's of friends, but still feels alone. There was no book for someone like glimmer. Because everyone falls in love in high school apparently. Everyone but glimmer. 

The End

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