I h8 Jodie Peters.....

13th Of December

So this is my new blog. about me. not that i know much about me to write. this isnt really about knowing anything about me. i mean, u may find out stuff bout me (possibly. read between the lines) but this is diferent. this is about someone else.

 i mean, the last time i kept a diary.... well lets just say it got published all over school. on my crushes locker especially. so ive decided that it would be best if i keep it somewhere safer.

i mean its the internet. anything could be on the internet bout me. wouldnt suprise me. but that isnt the point. at least its a place 2 write. and i can make sure people cant see it. my friends are more myspacers then bloggers.

anywho, the point is that i need someplace to think. and write my thoughts. and this place seems pretty good. so why not?

the thing is, i found out something. something i need to know about. im not normally this curious but this is just something that grabbed me. so, here we go. ill write it all down,

oh hang on. i need to make a list

Possible suspects

  • Molly Firth
  • The K's
  • Terry mors
  • Kertains
  • the whole of class MO5
  • any1 in my school......

that should do it.

im gonna go bed now. i just got back from lil's party and well its gettin on. (my dad keeps asking for the computer)

so ill talk through the party later. cos, after all, its where it all begins....

The End

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