"I'm not gonna answer that"

I turned, startled, to face the door.  The glass on the front door was frosted, but I could see a shadow in the window.  Yep, definitely someone out there.  Instinctively I threw myself to the floor and edged towards the wall.  I didn't want whoever, or whatever, was out there to see me.

DING-dong.  DINGdong-DINGdong.

Man, they weren't giving up, were they?  Persistent or not, I still wasn't answering that.  If they could track me through a computer message, who knows what else they could do?

Then they started pounding on the door.  I froze.  Would they try to break down the door?

"Open this door!  That's an order!" the shrouded figure yelled, his voice muffled but thoroughly intimidating.

I had half a mind to shout, "Nobody's home!"  But that would've been a dead giveaway of the contrary.

"If you do not open this door, we'll have no choice but use force!"

Wait, "we"?  There's more than one?


The door came crashing to the floor.  I dove behind the sofa, but to no avail.  They saw me and dragged me out into the open.

"Trying to hide won't help you now," one said gruffly.

"No use trying to run," the other sneered.  "You're in deep enough trouble already."

Trouble?  What trouble?  I hadn't done anything wrong!

"Who are you?  What do you want from me?"

They glanced at each other, smirking.  "That, Jacob Ernst, is for us to know and for you to find out."

Uh-oh.  They knew my name, too.  This did not bode well.

The End

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