At the door

Okay, deep breaths, if whoever they are is smart enough to be able to track me down like this then tey certainly must have their act together


"Who is it?" couldn't hurt to at least know who wanted to meet me so badly

"Jacob Ernst, we've come for you. Please open the door."

Oh crud, it is not a good day when a mysterious group of people contact you through your computer then suddenly show up at your door. And they knew my name, so not good.

"Okay, fine, just hold on a minute" If they knew where to find me, and what my name was they probabaly had all sorts of other information. Of course, my cooperation wasn't at all influenced by countless movie scences of the civillian making a break for it and getting gunned down......gulp

Looking out the frosted glass on my front door I tried to see if there was anything in particular I could maybe make out. There wasn't. Two normal sized people stood outside on my porch. If I didn't know any better I'd say they were one of the 'Change your Religion' nutjobs that go door to door, but that would be asking for too much wouldn't it?

Opening the front door I got the good look I had wanted. Guy on the left was average...everything. He wasn't too tall or too short, he wasn't to thin or too fat, his hair color wasn't too blonde or not too blonde. If I wasn't looking right at him it would be pretty easy to completly place him out of my mind.

 The same things went for his buddy; not too much of anything, except for too much of nothing for him to be your normal bland type of person. The only difference was his hair was brown.

"Umm, can I help you?"

The two men gave each other a quick glance then said at the same time, "May we come?" at which they were already stepping over the thresh hold.

Blinking in confusion at why they even bothered to ask, "Uh, sure. So...uh, what exactly are you here for, and don't you need like a warrant or something to come into my house?"

"We would if we were police," Brown hair said.

"But since we arn't, then no, we don't," Blondie added.

"And it would be best,"started Brown hair.

"If you would have a seat so that we can begin the questions," ended Blondie.

this constant end-the-other's-sentence thing was really starting to creep me out and having to look back and forth so much was actually starting to make me feel a little sick. Darn twinkes.

Taking a seat on the couch I waited for them to start. Not like I have a lot of choice in the matter.

"What do you know of the world?"Blondie aksed

well, that couldn't possibly be any more vague or be any broader. They might as well have asked Why is pizza tasty or some other nonsense. MAybe these guys weren't as scary as I thought

The End

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