My Life in 2478!

Hi! I am Billy Fredicksen. I live in THE DORMITORY, a Country which is in the LOST ASIAN continent. For those of you who doesn't know what is the LOST ASIA. It is a continent which was previously called as ASIA. There are about 6 Countries in the LOST ASIA. 

THE ARABIAN ISLANDS, after the Pluminotonic Bomb Explosion back about 400 years ago in the EAST-ASIA. There was like no land there. After 200 years, some island gathered up and then it was named, THE ARABIAN ISLAND.

THE SOVIET-COUNTRY, It was some place call SOVIET UNIONS. They are the most powerful country in LOST ASIA. 

THE DORMITORY, it is mainly a newly created Country. Which was led by some race call Americans and French. I heard that Fredricksens are mainly American Raced.

The other 3 are called, ANCIENT CHINA, 

The End

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