I get it now.

It's about a young white man, Elliot who's has lost his young african wife in a gruesome way to racism in 1965.

Elliot held his face in his hands as they got wetter and wetter with his tears that kept streaming down his face. After falling to his knees on the ground had made them ache with pain. He closed his eyes and prayed that he wouldn't sob out loud. This couldn't happen. How could it happen?

Linda had been his love, she was so beautiful and majestic when he watched her speak at Civil Rights Rallies and includding creating her own liberation group, The African American Discrimation Front. She was so moving and powerful. It made him admire her so much and her bravery. He only wished that he had the balls to do something like that.

But now, what would his life come down to? Being subjected to be a cog in the Man's plan? He had marched with Linda and a group of african americans to City Hall to protest but had been stopped by a brigade of angry bigots, mostly older white men. They had charged at the group and hit the leader, Linda, first.

"Come on, honey, I want you to squeal like a pig," one of them said as they held Linda by the hair. She began to scream, trying to get away from his grip. He pulled out a knife and held Linda by the throat. Elliot screamed, "LINDA! Oh jesus, Linda!" but had been held back by one of the men.

The man put his mouth close to Linda's ear and smiled, looking at Elliot as he spoke. "When I see your body hanging from the Cherry Tree, oh boy am I going to be so pleased!" he said. From what Elliot could see, they took Linda away in a black cab as the rest of the crowd fought of the men. In about five minutes, five police cars showed up to the fight and shot one shot into the air. After merely fifteen minutes, the fight was resolved and several people were arrested, including Elliot.

After an hour of being thrown into the County Prison, Elliot was held up along with fifteen other members of the group. He stood with his eyes closed, dreading that he wouldn't be called with the group of people that were allowed to go free with a clean record.

A officer with a thick brown mustache came into the room and said various names. "Alexander Porchnik, Elias Moyer, Clyde Borowitz, Elliot Mansfield, and Simon Fitzpatrick." Elliot smiled and walked with the rest of the group out of the Police Station and on the street of 10th and Main.

"See ya later, El," said Elias who stuck his hands in his jeans with the frigid cold.

"Yeah, see ya, " said his friend, Clyde. Elliot nodded and walked off down 10th and instantly thought of Linda. He picked up his feet and began to run as fast as he possibly could and was surpised that he could do it, flying past people. He was a Track Star in highschool back in '58. He remembered running to the Finish Line and seeing Linda greeting him on the end. Many people were astonished that the two were together and many called him a various number of bad names but he didn't car. He was in love with Linda and that's all that mattered.

But as he barely made it around the corner of 15th and Broadway, he could see from the street crosswalk, his house on fire. He figured the worse. He ran and ran as his tears burned his eyes then he saw it. He saw Linda hung from a tree with the words "Nigger Lover" carved into her chest with her blouse and skirt ripped into pieces.

The pain had rushed into his face in an instant as he began to sob quietly. He fell to the ground then heard the noises of other members come to support him up. Elliot's eyes were barely open as the tears came to hard. All he could see the flames roaring from his house and Linda's body.

"Oh god, Elliot." Elias had said as he held him, wrapping his arms around Elliot's waist. With the sudden physical contact, it let out an uncontrollable sob that burst out of Elliot's body. He began to cry so hard that he wanted to stop as it felt like someone was stabbing his body. "Jesus christ, oh...oh Linda. Oh god!" he said. Elias held him close as other members and some neighbors helped put out the fire. The damage had been done.

"Please, let me...rest...on the ground..Elias," he said. He nodded and slowly rested Elliot's body on the soft grass. Slowly, Elliot tried to calm himself down as burst of cries, like hiccups, tried to escape his body. He took a deep breath then exhaled. His body began to become heavy then within a moment, he drifted into unconsciousness.

The End

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