its how i feel

i walk and i go, i move much further than i should,

and each time i do i know how much i surely could,

the space in me widens and broadens and i look,

i see stuff and i feel empty and my body just shook.


i miss every bit of her that i came to like and admire,

yet she isnt going to come soon the much i require,

its the emptiness thats killing me when i walk,

and the pain it does is something about i dont talk.


i wish to see her the more when she comes next time,

for she made me complete when there for all the time,

its how empty i feel that makes me this crazy i ever do,

that takes the better side that i see never through.


i have a heart that needs her presence here now and then,

for i just cant live a day more like this in this and be sane,

why do i feel empty when she isnt there i keep asking,

and still she doesnt come see how aggrieve i am keeping.


i get weak and weaker cuz she isnt with me at the moment,

and feel lost when i just cant reach her utter comment,

how else will she know that i am empty at a time like this?

when she is no where to be seen and am not at peace!

The End

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