..:I Found Myself:..Mature

This is about a Young Girl who lost and had no direction, her life was full of Drama and a rollercoaster that kept going round and round. She found herself and fully knows who she is a Human being and know her place in life as a Child of GOd.

Try walking in my shoes and you would stumble over my emotions, fall into my Confusion, and get lost in my thoughts.

Being lost wasn't easy, I had to fight my way through everything and some battles i didnt win.

Try walking in my shoes and you would get caught up in the lies that people told me, lose your mind in Love, and hold on to people who meant me no good.

Sin controlled me at one point and let me down the road to Death. I was enjoying the ride until Reality slapped me in the face and i realized i was about to crash.

Try walking in my shoes and you would cry yourself to sleep many nights, Spiritually fight spirits that may attack you, and think that pain is Love.

God was in my rear view mirror of my life and all i had to do was stop and let him take over. He grabed a hold of me before i crashed into that Dead End.

I had another chance at life and found out that God was my only way out this maze that came along with living this sinful life. \

Try walking in my shoes NOW...you will find everlasting life through christ and he will renew your strength. You will trust in God with all of you, and understand that he controls the heavens and the earth. Faith will be your bestfriend and Patience will be your Sister. Try walking in my shoes NOW and you will prosper beyond your expectations. You will know who reigns forever and ever and be a believer for now until the end of time.

I was judged by my OLD shoes but i threw them out along with Confusion, Heartache, Pain, Sorrow, Hopelessness, Sex, Lies, Deceit, and a Mind that was tormented.

I now walk in NEW shoes that symbolizes Growth, Life, Liberty, Joy, Happiness, and nothing but a Spirit full of Knowledge and Wisdom.

I wonder which pair of my shoes would you want to try....The OLD or the NEW?

The End

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