He fell in love with her and they teamed up with me.

How on earth has that happened?  It's bad enough having to look for it without stupid him and silly her gazing into each others moronic eyes 24/7.  They're even more useless now than they were before.

What's that thing?  You know, that whatsit word that means two things combining and being greater than the sum of their parts?  Oh yes.   Synergy.  I knew I'd remember.  Remember me telling you about my unbelievably excellent subconscious?  Well, that's where I dredged up that word from.  Synergy.  Well, whatever has happened to them due to their new partnership sure isn't synergy.  It's whatever the opposite effect of synergy is.

Blundering around, holding hands.  Halfheartedly looking for it then giggling when they realise what a silly place they just looked, followed by an hour and a half of gazing, and heaven help us - snogging! 

They're even less likely to find it now than they were before.  Perhaps I should be grateful.  If I find it again, which I almost certainly will, they'll be oblivious to the fact, and I'll be able to leave them out when it comes to taking any credit.

The End

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