The New HouseMature

"Then where are we going?" Sandra said.

"Last week I had Scounger make some arrangements." Garith said. Scounger had been his assistant for a pair of decades and she guessed maybe they had become close. For the briefest of moments she thought that she saw him frown and not the angry kind of frown she was used to from him but something more tender. Something more human.

"Okay. Then... where are we going?"

"First, to..." he started to say, and then his voice trailed off like someone had turned the volume knob down on him. He stared past her, over her shoulder. She turned, saw nothing except an empty lot and a few pines and shrubs that may have been rose bushes on the far end of it, and then turned back to him.

"What's wrong, Garith?"

He didn't reply. She started to feel nervous, like something bad was about to happen and she didn't know what it was and he wouldn't even tell her. Was it whoever had been trying to kill her? She knew Garith had keener senses than she and thought that surely he was seeing something she couldn't. It was dark over there, very dark. That spot was dead center between two street lamps probably a hundred and fifty feet apart. Their light did nothing to reveal what might be there except to give the higher parts of the trees a vague orange glow only visible because the sky behind those parts was black now.

Then something bad did happen but it was nothing that she had expected. Garith's left eye began to twitch, shaking right to left which was a problem on its own but his right eye was still staring off somewhere over her shoulder and not moving at all which made it a bigger problem. She waved a hand in front of his face and he didn't respond at all to that, and she was getting very scared now so before her mind had even finished processing whether or not it was a good idea her arm was already arcing toward him and she slapped him hard on the cheek. When even that failed to bring his attention back to her one word sprang into her mind and that word alone would make this whole situation impossible for her. Stroke.

"...your car. You drive, I'll tell you where to go as we're going."


Garith noticed Sandra was staring at him quite peculiarly. Her expression looked like one of both worry and something like suspicion. What was it with her?

"I'll tell you where we're going, don't worry. I'll keep no secrets from you. It's just... this man might be unconscious but sometimes people remember things that were said around them while they were unconscious. I just don't want to take any chances."

"Garith..." she said, and then stopped. She seemed concerned but he had given her no reason to be, had he? Other than this whole situation which left even himself concerned, but she wasn't only learning about it now so he wondered what her problem was.

"What is it, Sandra? Did I..."

"No. It's fine." 

She cut him off, and then added, quite dismissively "Nothing. I think it's a good idea that I drive." 

He wasn't sure what he had said that she hadn't liked but then she had always confused him just a little bit. They began walking toward her car.

"Of course, I could drive..."

"Yes, Garith, I know. But guess what? It's my car and I decide who drives, 'kay?"

"Yes, ma'am" he said with quite the smirk on his face. They approached the back of her car and she went to the left and he went to the right, opened the door, got in, and closed the door behind him. She fastened her seat belt and turned the key in the ignition.

"Where to?" She said, throwing the car in gear and creeping toward the exit of the lot.

"We're going to the New House. It's just a little something I had Scounger arrange. Nothing much, just a little box of a motel room but it's safe. There isn't much inside of it other than our best hope, combined with your blueprint, of staving off catastrophe, and that little gem doesn't take up much space. In fact, you might be surprised..."

"Garith" she interrupted, a smirk on her face this time. "Which way? Right or Left."

"Left." he said, realizing he may have overdone it with the showing her that he had nothing to hide thing. Whatever her problem had been she seemed fine now. Good. He needed her in top form for this.

The End

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