Chapter iiMature

Turned over in my warm bed and turned off my alarm. I checked the date, noting that is was a Wednesday, great. It’s eight am and I’m starving.
I climb out of my double bed dressed in lesbian vampire bed sheets and pulled on a Pikachu hoodie over the shorts and tank top I slept in.
I padded bare foot down the short hall into the kitchen where Jesse was making breakfast. Best thing about Wednesdays is I don’t have to make breakfast.
I took a deep breath smelling scramble eggs and pancakes. Jesse makes the best breakfasts.
“Morning Directioner,” He winked his hazel eye at me; his deep voice was playfully joking though.
“Shut up Jesse,” I grumbled remembering last night. I walked over to the kettle booty-bopping him as I passed the cooker. I filled the kettle with water and flicked the switch turning to watch Jess as I waited.
Jesse was half a foot taller than me with your stereotypical ‘emo’ hair and features. Raven black hair with purple highlights and tips of his fringe. Hazel eyes and snake bites. He, being the only guy in the apartment, felt it necessary to spend each morning in just his boxers so he could show off the fainted six pack he was ever so proud of.
“Show off,” I muttered as he flashed me his toned stomach in a vogue pose.
“You’re just jealous,” He smirked pointing the spatula at me.
“Whatever Jess,” I laughed and filled my mug with boiling water.
Rose made her grand entrance in her fluffy pink slippers and matching short silk dressing gown.
“Jess’ turn for food,” I reminded her over my shoulder dumping my third heaping spoonful of sugar in my tea.
“You want some tea with your sugar?” She joked reaching above my head for her own mug.
“Nah, I think I’ll just take the sugar,” I laughed and sat at the square table putting four amazing smelling pancakes on my plate.
Rose and Jesse sat on either side of me with their pancakes and eggs. Rose sipped at her tea and I looked around the table.
“What? No Nutella?!” I acted outraged at the fact that no one had brought the Nutella.
“Get it yourself honey,” Rose told me not looking up from her phone next to her plate.
I groaned and went to the press and retrieved my pancakes best friend.
“Grab me my smoothie from the fridge will you?” Jesse asked sweetly.
I shook my head and got his smoothie.
“When are you going to stop avoiding it and go back to drinking normal liquids; like tea and coffee?” I asked putting the bottle and my Nutella on the table. I heavily spread the hazelnutty goodness over my breakfast and dug in.
“So, how’d last night go?” Rose asked leaning over her plate with her mug in her hand. Her messy chocolate hair fell in front of her bright amber eyes.
“Was fun. Hay loved it,” I smiled stuffing half a pancake in my mouth at once. I felt pretty proud when it all fit.
“Back stage was fun then?” she gave me a pointed look which caused Jesse to lean in too.
“Yeah,” I shrugged and sipped my tea.
“Meet anyone…interesting?” Jess asked leaning closer to me.
“Well, if you call being able to hang out with world famous people interesting sure. I met some interesting people,” I told them unaware of the things running around their crazy heads.
“We didn’t ask about people Emma,” Rose corrected.
“We asked about A person. One,” Jess finished the sentence. I hate it when they do that; it’s creepy.
“By person you mean?” I cautiously put another bite in my mouth and chewed slowly. I hate being interrogated like this especially during breakfast.
“God, Emma! Whose pants did you get in last night?!” Rose gave up and shouted at me throwing her tanned arms in the air.
“Spill Bee, we all know you have the hots for famous people.” Jess raised an eyebrow.
“Don’t talk about him,” I hissed at him. He meant Jack. I don’t want to talk about Jack.
“So?!” Rose glared at me. “Are you going to tell us? Your best friends in all the world, or do I have to get it all out of Hayley on Thursday?”
I thought about it for a minute. I liked Zayn, but I wasn’t really sure what way. I mean, he was awesome to talk to and I was comfortable around him. I mean I basically, up front told him I didn’t like his band. Are they a band? I don’t know. On the other hand I couldn’t help but feel like something was there the whole time we were talking. Something that kinda, pulled us together, you know?
I decided it was no harm to tell Rose and Jess. Anyway, all we did was talk.
“Well, I did spend most of it talking to Zayn. You know the really dark skinned one,” I told them finishing my tea.
Rose’s mouth dropped. “The hot one?!”
“How did you even make that connection? You don’t even like One Direction,” I stared at her.
“I don’t have to like them to know their hot,” She threw back finishing off her eggs.
I rolled my eyes at her and dumped my plate and mug in the sink.
“What time do you want to rehearse?” I asked Jess.
He looked up at the kitchen clock.
“How ‘bout…2?”
“Sure, gives me time to set up and blog and shit,” I told him walking back to my room.
I grabbed my towels and clean underwear and headed into the bathroom beside my bedroom and across from Jess’.
I tried to open the door but it wouldn’t budge. I listened carefully and heard the shower. Perfect someone got it before me. I bet it’s Rose; she’s going to take forever.
I groaned in annoyance and went back in my room. I couldn’t get dressed because I had to wait for Princess Rose to get out of the shower before I could have one. This is why I said we should have gotten an apartment with more than one bathroom, but no; we had to be poor.
I turned on my stereo and placed my Stephen Jerzak CD inside and pressed play. I picked up my clothes from last night that I had dumped on the floor. Feeling lucky, I rummaged through my jeans’ pockets hoping to find money. I didn’t find any money but instead pulled out the piece of paper with all of the 1D’s signatures. I opened it out and read through them; Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik. I placed it down on my desk next to my Apple desktop and opened the window above it. Then something caught my eye. I turned the paper over and read the phone number on the back. ‘Call me?” was written above it.
“Weird…” I mumbled reaching for my iPhone but then I heard the shower turn off and decided to do it later.
I grabbed my stuff from the bed and nearly sprinted to the bathroom to beat Jess for it.
He cursed as I stuck out my tongue and shut the door in his face.
I turned on the shower and revelled in its warmness. I loved a hot shower in the morning. Especially after an eventful night.
I went over last night in my head, recalling every word and action. I couldn’t believe I punched Zayn in the face and that talking to him was so much fun. Then I remembered what I said to mum when I left. I didn’t feel bad about it; I don’t care what she thinks of me, she hates me anyway. I was never her model little girl. I was a wrecking ball of emotion and rebellion.
I absently ran my hand over the scars by my elbows reliving the relieve of the distraction.
I finished washing my hair and stepped out into the steamy bathroom quickly drying off and pulling on my clean knickers and bra.
I opened the door to Jesse who was waiting in the hall looking very uncomfortable.
“Hurry up, I need to pee,” He begged trying not to hop from one foot to the other.
I giggled and went to my bedroom without the fear of being perved on. Rose, Jess and I have been friends since playschool. We know everything about each other so when one of us is strutting around the apartment in nothing a towel, no one takes any notice because we’re all used to it.
I dressed for rehearsal in my lazy clothes. Black jogging sweats and a yellow and black checked shirt. I pulled my wet hair into a bun on top of my head and slipped on my converse. I booted up my Apple and opened the script me and Jesse had written on Monday.
I checked the prop list and then clicked print.
I picked up my glasses from my bedside table and went back into the open kitchen that also served as our living room.
Our apartment was small but it was big enough to fit all of us; me, Jesse and Rose. The front door opened onto the kitchen/living room and then down a short hall was three bedrooms and a bathroom.
I waited by the printer next to the couch.
“I’m off to work. I’ll see you later,” Rose smiled and headed out the door leaving me and Jesse in the house.
“She’s gone!” I shouted down the hall and picked up the copy that printed and waited for the second one. I searched for the stapler. It wasn’t here. I know it’s not in mine or Rose’s room so I guess we’ll try Jess.
I knocked on his painting covered door.
“Open!” I heard him call and I walked in.
He was at his own computer going through his email. His room was painted red but he had painted flames in one corner to make it his own. He still hadn’t put on a shirt yet but at least he was wearing pants.
“What’s happening?” I asked leaning over his shoulder looking at his inbox.
“Oh, you know,” he shrugged. “Just being YouTube famous,” He winked.
“We’re not YouTube famous,” I laughed and sat on his black poster bed.
“That’s not what all this fan mail says,” He pointed at the screen.
I jumped up from the bed and stared at the screen.
He was right; nearly all his inbox was fan mail to me and him.
“Is it wrong that I feel awesome right now?” I smirked and he just laughed.
“Whatever Bee,” He shook his head at me. “You got the scripts?”
“Yup. You got a shirt?” I joked playfully punching his abs.
“Now why on earth would I cover up this much awesomeness?” he went over to his drawers and pulled out a Sleeping With Sirens tee.
I found the stapler in his desk; I should have known. I stapled the script in my hand and gave it to him then went back to the living room and collected my own copy.
“You wanna set up in your room or mine?” I asked walking back down the hall.
“Let’s use yours,” He smiled picking up the equipment box from the hall.
We set up the camera in front of my bed and hooked it all up to my desktop. We sat on my bed and pressed record to start rehearsing.
“Hey guys! It’s me, NotEMMA!” I jumped in front of the camera.
“And JustJesse!” Jess jumped in front of me. I pulled him back onto the bed next to me and sat close to the camera.
“Just ignore him, this is about us; just you and me,” I said seductively to the camera only to be pulled back by Jess.
“Starting to feel like a third wheel Emma,” He pouted his pale lips making his snake bites stick out. I laughed at him.
The rest of rehearsal went like that. We got some really funny outtakes too which was good.
“I think we’re ready for filming tomorrow,” I beamed putting the camera and stand into the corner of my room.
“Yup. This is a good script,” Jesse smirked from my bed. “Who wrote it?” he raised an eyebrow at me.
“You,” I pointed out the obvious.
“Well, that explains why it’s so perfect,” He laughed and put the script on my desk next to my computer. I just laughed at him.
“Whatever Jess,” I told him slipping on my pumps and checking myself in the mirror.
“What’s this Bee?” I turned around to see Jesse with the autograph paper in his hand. He waved it at me, the side with the phone number. I had forgotten about that actually.
“One Direction’s autographs,” I decided on a distracted answer.
“Not what I was talking about Em,” He teased.
I snatched the paper and tapped the number into my iPhone. “Shut up Jess,” I muttered more to myself than to him.
I pressed the call button and waited with Jess watching my every breath.
I sent him a WTF look and turned away from him. I continued to wait for someone to pick up the opposite end on the phone.
I heard the click of an answer and I didn’t want to wait so I just butted in with a, “Hi?”
“Hey,” someone answered me.
“Em…who’s number is this?” I crossed my fingers and prayed it wasn’t a stalker.
“How do you know my name?!” I crossed over them, panicking.
“It’s me; Zayn. Remember? From One Direction,” I could hear him smirking.
I squealed loudly and threw my phone on my bed. Oh my God! Oh my God! I just rang Zayn Malik! And Zayn Malik just answered my call.
“What?! What?! Who was it?!” Jess was shaking me.
I tried to calm my breathing. Deep breaths Emma, take deep breaths.
I could hear low muffled voices still coming from the speaker of my phone. Cautiously I edged towards my bed and picked it up placing it against my ear. “He-hello?” I tried again; maybe it was just some sick joke.
“Hey Emma,” He laughed on the other end. Nope; that was definitely Zayn.
“Give me two ticks,” I told him putting down the phone again and turning to Jess.
“Get out!” I pushed him towards my door.
“What? Wait, no! Emma, what’s going on?! Tell me!” he protested but I continued to shove him through my doorway.
“I said out Jess! I’ll tell you when I’m done,” I then shut the door in his face. He didn’t look too pleased about that.
"H-hi!" I squeaked, picking up my phone again. Oh my God! Hayley is going to freak when she finds out.
"Hey? What happened?" he asked a little cautious.
"My roommate's a nosy pants," I explained and sat on my cushiony bed then giggled to myself. "So I killed him," I said cheerfully, ending my joke.
I laughed loudly and rolled onto my back and looked at the glow in the dark stars on my ceiling. "I kid, I kid," I giggled.
He let out a relieved sigh.
"About the nosy part," I added grinning evilly.
“Not funny Emma,” I could hear him trying not to laugh though.
We fell into a silence.
“So…Hi,” I said again. I don’t know how to talk to famous people let alone famous boys.
“Hi,” he laughed at me.
“Don’t laugh at me,” I pouted letting out my own chuckles.
“This is kinda awkward…”
“Totes awkie momo…” I added using annoying internet talk. This is what I get for being a YouTuber.
“Can we meet up and talk then?” he asked.
What do I say?! What do I say?!
“Give me two more ticks,” I say and put down my phone and run for Jesse’s room. I flung open the door.
“A hot guy just asked me out! What do I say?!” I shout at him and his video Skype friend.
Jess sighed. “You say yes Emma,” he shook his head and turned back to his video chat. “Ignore her; she’s crazy.”
“I’m not crazy!” I yelled, pegging it back to my room and snatching up my phone.
“Yes, yes we can meet up,” I tell Zayn in the calmest, most none crazy nervous voice I could manage.
“Great! Coffee then?”
A grin spread across my face. “You know me so well,” I joked.
“And I still want to know more.”
Was this flirting? I think it could be. A famous person flirted with me!
“Oh great,” I detected sarcasm in his tone. “Sorry Emma, I have to go. I’ll text you kay?”
“K-kay,” I stutter suddenly very conscience of who I was talking to. I’m talking to Zayn Malik. Zayn Malik gave me his phone number.
“Great! See you then Emma,” he hung up.
I fell back on my bed.
What the hell did I just get myself into?
Then I gave a girly giggle. I’m going out for coffee with Zayn Malik!

The End

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