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Emma is just your regular, twenty-one year old, up and coming youtube star along with her best friend Jesse (JustJesse). She's lived and is still living life in the funnest way possible. Then she meets Zayn and the 1D boys, a band she hasn't any interest in but somehow they win her heart.

I pulled into the car park and got out. Hayley followed my lead; shutting her door so I could lock my baby.
She was a Mini Cooper, bight red with white racing stripes. I had gotten her for my twenty-first birthday two weeks ago and I absolutely loved her.
“Emma, come on!” Hayley shouted from across the car park. How did she get so far ahead? That girl is a ninja. Laughing at my slowness I jogged up to her. She grabbed my hand and started pulling me towards the stadium, doors.
I pulled her to a stop at the back of the line. “Slow down bubble pop.” That was my pet name for her; Bubble Pop, it’s a long story. “You need the rest of your present.” I smiled as her eyes got wider.
“There’s more?!” she couldn’t believe it could she. I’m an amazing sister; a merch tee, VIP concert tickets so we were close to the stage and now…
“Happy thirteenth Hay!” I laughed holding out the laminated backstage passes to her.
“OHMYGOD! EMMA! OH! MY ABSOLUTE GOD!” she launched herself at me and smothered me in a tight hug. “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BEE!!!” she sniffed. Is she crying?
“Hay?” I looked at her and saw that she really did have tears in her eyes. “Bubbles don’t cry. We haven’t even gotten in yet.” I chuckled. This was a state of her extreme fangirlness. “Hey look the line moved.” I pointed in front of us where no one stood.
“Come on!” Hayley shouted violently dragging me inside showing our VIP passes to the bouncer at the door.
We pushed through the crowds towards the section at the front of the stage for VIPs. We found a good spot that was close enough that we weren’t crushed to death and that Hayley could see everything.
We waited as the support band finished and walked off. Hayley was freaking out.
“Oh my God! Do you think Liam can see me from here?! What if he doesn’t see me?! He’ll never like me!” she wailed panicking. Yup, that’s my Hayley.
I shook her shoulders making her curly brown hair fly everywhere. “Hay, calm down, it doesn’t matter if he can’t see you. I just gave you backstage passes; you’re to get to meet him.” I laughed at her fan girl-ing. She was such a typical thirteen year old. Everything she liked; she loved. Everything she didn’t; she hated. She was a mad fan girl about things except I made sure she wasn’t too crazy.
“I can’t wait to tell Rose and Jesse!” she squealed calming down a little.
Ok, Rose and Jesse are actually my friends. I don’t mind Hayley liking them I just wish she could make friends her own age and not latch onto mine and Evan’s. Evan’s our sixteen year old brother.
Smoke floated onto the stage and five shadows stood on the stage. This caused the entire crowd to push forward and scream in my precious ears. The girls finally backed up a bit and I took a sweet breath of perfume and sweat filled air.
“Oh my God! Emma! Emma! It-It-It’s them!” Hayley squealed and I just laughed at my sister.

The concert ended and Hayley nearly died; she caught Niall’s guitar pick when he threw it into the crowd.
“Come on Hay!” I gripped her hand tightly and we began to push our way through the exiting fans and groupie girls.
We pushed past a group of actively talking girls. The all looked around Hay’s age. One of them shoved Hay forward telling her to ‘watch it fatty’. Luckily I caught Hay before she hit the ground. I glared daggers at the girl. How dare she touch my sister?! How dare she call her that?! So what if Hay wasn’t a size zero, she was perfect for her age.
I stood Hay up clenching my fists ready to knock out this wannabe Barbie doll. I don’t have anger issues.
Hay put a hand on my arm. “Just leave it Emma, she’s just jealous cause I’m not afraid to eat.” she aimed it at the human Barbie then turned back to me. “Let’s get backstage.”
I let out a frustrated breath and allowed Hayley to lead me passed the security guard at the barrier to backstage. We walked behind the monster stage and I finally caught up to my sister swinging our hands between us. How was she strong at this age? Then again, she does have me to remind what not to do. I glanced down at my forearms that were covered by my plain black cardigan.
“How can you be so calm about that?” I squeezed her hand. “She shoved you on purpose.”
“Because she’s not worth it Bee. You used to always tell me to forget about things like that so it’s what I’m doing; I’m just ignoring her.” She smiled up at me. “Anyway,” she pointed to her t-shirt. “I have these guys behind me.”
I smiled back at her and pulled her in for a quick hug. “I think we’re lost…” I chuckled into her hair.
“Yeah, I think we are.” She laughed pulling away.
A hand touched my shoulder. “Do you want some help?” a deep voice asked.
On instinct I swung my fist and caught my ‘attacker’ in the face.
“Shit!” he hissed holding his now spilt lip.
Hayley’s face was a mega mix of extreme fan girl and pure horror. “Emma!” she shouted at me. “You just socked Zayn!”
“Oh God!” I backed up a little from the pop star covering my mouth with my hands. I just punched a famous person. I’m going to go to jail and no one’s gonna bail me out. “Oh my God; I am so, so sorry!” I apologised and continued to apologise and freak out for quite some time until Zayn asked Hay,
“I take it she doesn’t punch boy band members for a living?”
Hayley just shook her head while in a state of complete shock.
“I’m so sorry!” I apologised yet again. “Are you ok? Please don’t get me arrested; I have a life I want to hold onto.” I begged him. He stared at me like I was crazy. He looked a little uncomfortable with me nearly on my knees begging and Hayley just standing there like a demon child.
“I’m fine, just a spilt lip. Nothing serious. Why would I get you arrested?! Are you girls even meant to be back here?” he backed up a little.
Hayley showed him our backstage passes and he nodded.
“Ok, come on then. I’ll introduce you to the rest of the band.” He smiled.
I opened my mouth to apologise again but he cut me off. “Please don’t. It’s fine really. It’s not a first.” He laughed and I gave him a nervous smile.
He led us down a hall behind the stage.
We stopped at a door with a ‘One Direction’ sticker on the door. We went inside and were greeted by “Zayn!”
“Zayn! What the-
“What did you do?!”
And “Girls?”
My breathing hitched up; I was in the presence of famous people. Five of them. This is freaking me out. Hayley on the other hand…
“Oh my God! I can’t believe this I’m actually meeting you guys!” she squealed.
“Guys, this is…wait, who are you?” Zayn asked.
“I’m Hayley!” Bubbles squeaked going red.
“Em-Emma.” I stuttered. Oh great, I was making a fool out of myself.
“Zayn,” he introduced himself. “Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall.” He pointed around the spacious room.
They all waved and I awkwardly waved back. Unlike me Hayley went straight for Liam. He was her favourite after all. They struck up a conversation and I just stood there in the middle of the room like an awkward duck.
“Emma, is it?”
I turned around to Zayn. “Ye-yeah. Emma Garrott.”
“Shy?” he smiled.
“You have no idea.” I whispered to myself but I think he heard.
“Don’t be, so far I think everyone here likes you. I know I do.”
I looked at Zayn. It was the first time I probably looked at him since punching his face. He had caramel tan and bright brown eyes that lit up when they met my dull green ones. His hair looked all soft and wispy even though it was flat from sweating onstage. He had a beautiful smile. I felt so ugly beside him. He was a famous pop star with an image of a model and I was just plain Emma. I’m not short but I’m not incredibly tall. I think I’m an average height for a girl. I’m not too sure. My hair was originally brown like Hayley’s but I’ve been white blonde since I was fifteen and my eyes were a washed out green. The boring green not the brilliant green, Hayley had those. I wore grey skinny jeans and a Snoopy tank top with a black cardigan.
“You barely know me; how do you know you like me?” I asked crossing my arms but then wrapping them around my stomach because it didn’t feel right.
He laughed. “Well, what age are you? What’s your favourite animal? Favourite music artist? Favourite all time song? You‘re school nickname? Favourite car?” he strung out a list of ridiculous questions. “Carrots or parsnips?”
I sat next to him on the floor giggling and not feeling as nervous as before. “I’m twenty one. Giraffe, We the Kings, The Show Must Go On by Queen, my friend’s still call me Bee, a Jaguar and carrots.” I smile crossing my legs so I was more comfortable. “Your turn.”
“Twenty, lion, NYNSC, Thriller by Michael Jackson, I was known as Zed, Bentley and I’m going to side with you on the carrot question though.” he smirked. “Your favourite car is really a Jag?” he raised an eyebrow.
I made the ‘duh’ face. “Uh, Yeah!”
We talked until the time ran out. I can honestly say I’ve never had that much fun talking to a guy before. Well, since Jack, but that was in the past.
I looked over at Hayley asleep on the couch. She was so worn out and I can promise that no one will ever beat this birthday present.
“I better get her home.” I sigh knowing that I have to leave the person I felt I had a proper connection with since Jack the backstabber.
“Do you have to go?” he whined.
I nodded a yeah and went to wake up Bubbles. Before I did I turned around to face the band. “Em, I know you guys have probably heard this all before but…thanks.” I smiled turning my eyes to the floor. What am I doing? “You guys are the reason I have a sister to hold onto. She loves you guys and you keep her strong. You keep her away from the things that could hurt her.” I forced myself to look at them all. “Thanks, for being so good and welcoming to her. She will never forget this, like, ever.” I laughed. “And neither will I, I guess.” I turned to Zayn. “I am so sorry I punched you.” I apologized again.
“Forget about it; was nothing.” He smiled and I smiled back.
I shook Bubble Pop awake. “Come on Bubbles. We have to go.” I told her and she groaned in protest. Louis snickered and she sat bolt upright remembering where she was.
“Oh my God! Did just fall asleep?!” she sounded disgusted in herself. “I’m such a terrible fan!” she dropped her head in her hands.
“Hay, they can hear you, you know?” I tried to control my giggles.
She went bright red so I handed her the black sharpie I had in my jeans pocket. I waited as she got the boys to sign her t-shirt. Well, if she’s gonna get autographs I might as well too. I hand my piece of paper to Zayn who plucked it from my fingers and getting me to turn around so I could be a table. He scribbled his signature and handed it back.
“You’re a good table.” He smirked.
“Wow, thanks.” I said sarcastically. “I feel so used!”
He just kept that smirk and pulled me into a hug. “It was awesome meeting you Emma.” He whispered before pulling away to say bye to Hayley.

“Am I dreaming?! Emma, tell me I’m not dreaming and that I actually got to meet One Direction.” Hayley was freaking out in the car on the way back to the home.
“Hay, it all happened. I gave you that shirt. I brought you to the concert with VIP. We went backstage. I punched Zayn Malik and you finally got to meet Liam, who I think liked you because he didn’t go running for the hills.” I joked on that last part. I couldn’t help it; it was too funny.
“Shut up Bee…” she mumbled slapping my arm.
We were driving back to my parents’ house, where Hayley still lived. She is only thirteen anyway.
I pulled up into the drive and looked up at my little slice of hell. It’s not that I don’t like my home or my family it’s just…well, it’s complicated.
“You wanna come in?” Hay asked unbuckling her seat belt.
I thought about it. I don’t know if I want to see my parents. They weren’t the most ‘encouraging’ people I’ve met, but for Hay, I nodded and got out with her.
We waited until the door opened. It was Evan. He was the only one of us with natural dirty blonde curly hair and mum’s grey eyes. He hid them behind his hipster glasses and baggy beanies.
“You gonna let us in?” I asked when he didn’t move or say anything.
“Are you meant to be here?” he pointed at me scrunching his eyebrows together.
“Well, I hope so cause I have a shrimpy sister to drop off,” I joked and he let us in.
“Where are mum and dad?” I whispered as I walked in the front door to the small hallway.
“In the front room.” Evan whispered back.
I nodded and quietly stepped my way up the stairs. I passed my old bedroom; too many sad memories in that room. I skipped over Evan’s that was next to mine and knocked on Hay’s door next to his. I tried not to look at the 1D posters she had stuck on her door. I opened the door and slipped into Hayley’s purple painted room. She was knocked out on the bed. Shaking my head I went over and took off her shoes. I pulled the pink kitten duvet over her and tucked her in. I shut off the light before closing the door and walking back down stairs feeling the tiredness that Hay must have infected me with. All I know is that I want to just crawl up in my nice warm bed and never come out.
“Emma? What are you doing here?”
I looked over the stair banister at my mum. My mum was short, like Hayley, shorter than me with grey blue eyes and long wavy hair. She had that stern mother face that said she didn’t like what she saw.
“I was dropping off Hayley. You know, from her birthday present. That she loved by the way.” I said cockily.
“I told you not to bring her to that.” She said crossing her arms.
“Yeah, well, I don’t have to take your crap anymore because one, I don’t live in your house anymore, two, she’s as much my sister as she is your daughter and three, last time I checked you had no say in what I do in my life or with who I take along and tonight I took my little sister to her favourite band’s concert and got her backstage to meet the guys who bring her so much happiness so fuck you.” I finished the stairs and stormed out of the house. I don’t have anger issues.

The End

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