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He held on firmly to her gentle hand as he walked her to the shore.

The lulling breeze cooled their cheek, teasing as it passed by.

His eyes never left her.


The ocean reached up to them, lapping at their feet, welcoming their presence yet again just as it did 20 years ago on this day when they had been married on this very beach.

It seemed as if it were just yesterday that they had taken their vows and sealed the bond of holy matrimony with a gentle kiss. Maybe it was the freshness of the beach as it was 20 years ago, that added to the charm of this feeling.

Time flies and footprints are washed away; nature is at peace knowing that it shall outlive all. Within its bosom it hides so many secrets of which we are scarcely aware. Of the times before; that it has erased from mortal view to be ever stored in the archives of time as mere imprints.

His mind wandered to the day 2 decades ago when her hair blew in the wind that rustled up the leaves on the trees along the beach making her dress flutter.


She was dressed in a white satin gown holding on to fresh lilies as she walked up to him looking into his eyes, every step bringing them nearer.

He look at her, charmed and in silence, mesmerized by her beauty as she drew nearer.

He could almost sense her scent as they stood a foot apart and see the light sparkling in her eyes as they accepted every vow. He felt the gentle breath of anticipation as the ceremony ended with the forever and always promise of ‘I Do”.

Their lips met as he looked into her eyes carrying her in his arms, the newlyweds had begun their journey together.

The sun smiled its blessing, sparkling off its remaining brilliance as it gave way to the glorious rising of the full moon.

They sat on the beach as the waves kissed their feet, to return with the rhythm. The stillness with the seemingly distant gurgling of the waves was the perfect setting.

He held on to her tight for she was the only thing in the world he could call as his own. He loved her with all the pieces of his heart that she had picked up from the shattered fragments that they were once before.

That was all past now. She sat on his lap as he rocked her gently in sync with the rhythm of the waves. She cried, tears of happiness dripped down from the face he loved so much. It wasn’t the least uncalled for.

After 7 tough years of struggle they had finally made it in the end.

A love story that had begun in a highly dramatic fashion was apt to throw up this happy ending.

They looked beyond the infinite into the wisdom of the ocean from the ages wondering if it had known all along.

They found a deep contentment in each other’s arms, an inner peace that radiated with each touch.

She smiled in the darkness as they recounted the hours of everyday fantasising this very moment of forever togetherness.

He kissed her as the moonlight wavered on the ripples of currents. Slowly he undid her clothes, the warmth between their fingers growing in intensity. She lay down in the moist sand, still warm from the afternoon wedding’s sun.

He kissed her, she kissed him, their lips speaking a gentle silent language that broke all barriers of pleasure, releasing passion like the waves of the ocean, gentle ripples that found exciting the  heated touch and became breathless whooshes of breath.

They made love on the beach, nature bearing witness of the two lovebirds, to whom she had offered her tempting and welcoming nest.

They rested in peace as the moon continued to shine on them lighting up their nude bodies as they entered the water.

He carried her right upto their waist and they kissed away the glorious moments of pure love.



It was this very beach. He sighed looking at her now.

She had become so frail and delicate. The years had added up their toll but none as much as had the dreadful disease. It had wrenched from her what was rightfully hers. Stolen from them the happiness they deserved and most of all blotched the future which they had but recently begun to trust. Fate, they realised had conspired with destiny and drawn up a plan with twists and turns and then finally this.


The mere thought gave dreaded visions of flesh scarring, destruction and pain.  A stabbing question consumed him. “Why us! After all this?”

The wind blew cool air against his angry face, trying to soften it.

She turned to look at him and immediately anger gave way to love. He smiled at her as he got down on one knee as he had done 20 years ago. “Will you marry me?”

“Yes, my love” she whispered, her hands caressing his cheeks lovingly making him rise.

“Even after all these years?” he asked

“Always my darling, I loved you then, I love you now. More than yesterday, less than tomorrow but always you.”

He sighed and kissed her, leaning on her shoulder in a tight embrace as they took in the last moments.

She always wanted to be buried at sea, fancying the idea of floating around the entire world. He had always waved away these thoughts positively, secretly hoping the moment never came. Eventually he dreaded the moments nearing which rang with such clarity that he could scarcely ever get it out of his mind over the past few weeks.

He imagined his world alone, separated from her but he could not. The past 27 years had forged too strong a bond that entwined their lives to such an extent that they depended on each other for their existence. The bond of love had wound itself around them permanently.

To be separated from her was separation from himself, a detachment from life. She made everything beautiful, lent her charm to everything around him. Without her nothing held the same fascination.


They stepped into the water, gently and slowly. The storm roared its thunder in the twilight skies. The beauty seemed indescribable. The lightning whipped the sea with fury, commanding it to rise. The sea complied with reluctance, its hand seemingly forced with the pain as it churned with the storm.

Them, hand in hand barefoot on the beach, looking in each other’s eyes, breathing their last moments together in anticipation of the next dimension. The lightning continued to strike the stormy seas beside them and the waves rose with the tide. Tears streamed from their eyes as the dark skies reflected their mood with rain following. The wind grew into a gale and the rain beat against them drenching her fever ridden body making her shiver and clutch him even more tightly.

He held her tight, his eyes closed, trying to capture her touch, her gentle arms in his forever. They walked to the boat which was to be their ladder to the divine. He helped her in as he took the oars. She lay on his lap as he rowed into the jaws of death.

“In this lifetime and the next, this world or the other, I will love you with everything I am. I love you.” She whispered.

He paused to look at her

“I love you” he said as the lightning struck the boat, the only object on the surface of the ocean. It seemed as if god himself had welcomed the two lovers into heaven deeming the purity of their love not fit to grace this world.

It was not the selflessness of their love which was striking, but of how it came about. Nothing is perfect until it is made so. The pain, struggle, effort is what drives perfection. Now therby hangs a tale worth telling.

The End

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