1.) Hangovers and thank yous

Chapter 1 – hangovers and thank yous

Baylee’s pov

Oh god my head was pounding and the room was spinning and I had to puke again I bolted upright and grabbed the garbage can next to the bed. Again I found big warm hands holding my hair back and holding my forehead when I was done I mumbled thank you softly before everything went black…

Aaron’s pov

I woke up startled by her sudden movement; I looked over to my right  and see her leaning over the trash can I moved over to her and held her hair back. I had no idea who she was but last night I knew there was no one there that would take care of her and somebody could have taken her killed her or raped her so I needed to do something and I was probably the only one at the party who was sober so I felt obligated … not just that I felt drawn to her and I didn’t even know her!!! … when she finished I heard her whisper thank you and then she went limp in my arms. At this point I started mentally freaking out but I kept my cool (not really). First I made sure she was still breathing, she was (thank god) then I gave in and took her to my dad he was a doctor. I know Im going to be in so much trouble for bringing her home but at this point I didn’t really care I just wanted her to be okay. I carried her down stairs and yelled “dad!!” he immediately came he must of heard the urgency in my voice . He took her out of my arms and to her office . I walked in after him “what happened?” he asked and I explained and he told me to take her up to the guest room and wait till she wakes up “shell be fine” he assured me . So I took her upstairs and layed down with her and fell asleep myself



The End

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