I Fell In Love... Why Does The World Hate Me

Baylee never wanted to fall in love, she wanted no part in it. Love to her means heart break and she is so not going there again. Baylee learns that falling in love is easy but staying in love is harder than you think.
Aaron is the jock everybody expects everything from him and he doesnt know why... everyone expects him to fall for the head cheerleader what happends when he doesnt. He is a very caring person also very protective

Prolouge....Baylees pov

I walked into the house and automatically started complaining to Andy my best friend , she told me to shut up and have some fun and then handed me a drink I took it and drank anyway not caring what was in it I found myself 2 hours later completely drunk and running for the bathroom. As I leaned over the toilet I suddenly felt warm hands on my forehead holding back my hair. This was so embarrassing but at the moment I didn’t care I was too sick to care. I’ve never drunk in my whole life until tonight and look what happens I’m NEVER drinking again!!! I didn’t stop either I just kept puking and when I stopped the warm hands wrapped around me carrying me to a car. Ok by this point I was not able to move my body let alone fight. This guy could RAPE me he could KILL me so my mind was fighting against my body when he surprised me he laid me down on his bed on my side put his trash can by my side and laid down next to me not falling asleep checking if I was breathing every few minutes. Who Is He????

The End

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