I feel Empty



Just when I start to get my life back together, 
you knock me back down.
If this is a reality check, I don't want it.
I'm starting to feel myself sinking into my own emptiness.
My soul is drained of what life it was willing to give.
Yet, you don't care…

I want to love you, but you won't let me.
When I try to move on, you're memory won't.
Dreams I once had start to slip and are now seen as nightmares. 
My quest for peace-of-mind is now gone.
Yet, you don't care…

The weight of the world is on my shoulders 
and I look to you for help, but you just turn your back.
They say that it is better to have loved and lost 
then never to have loved at all. 
But if I lose much more, I'll become nothing.
Yet, you don't care...

You wish that I would open up,
but don't listen when I do. 
You tell me that I never loved you,
but you dismiss the words when I tell you.
I'd give it all to you if it could change the past.
Yet, you don't care…

Perhaps I was in a losing battle all along
and just didn't know it. 
Or perhaps I was just so blind;
I didn't see your faults as you saw mine.
I know that you don't care,
but I thought I'd speak up anyway.


The End

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