No dream too big.

I've dreamed to write and inspire with my stories more than anything, and yet I've dreamed to do and be a million other things; a mangaka, an artist, a journalist, a jeweller, a baker, a designer... I know that whatever I do, I want a business aside writing, but I can never choose between all of the things I love to do. As much as I have doubt in myself being able to do these things, as well as others, I know of no dream too big. If you can imagine it, you can bring it to life. Miracles are real, whether God is or not.

I desperately want to be loved. I don't mind whether it be in a real relationships or even between friends... I've never been loved all that much. I want memories and happiness with every person I ever befriend, and I want to befriend as many people as I'm capable of :)

I want to see Japan, Greece, Canada, Iceland, Norway, France, Italy, Kosovo, Morroco, India, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii... I could probably name a million other places, too. I suppose I've only even been out of my region of England five times for an overall time of around 3 weeks, once abroad out of those, and as a child I'd always dreamed of going somewhere, anywhere, if it meant escaping everyday normality.

I have little everyday dreams, too. They never seem to come true... but hope of them coming true keeps me going.

My dreams while I sleep have always been vivid. I've had ones about toys coming to life, stealing,  becoming a superhero, friendships, being kidnapped by aliens, relationships, meeting myself in the future, living among seals, falling in love with a werewolf, running a bee farm, death, belonging to a tribe against technology, etc etc.

They all are pretty crazy, in memory, but I think every dream has some truth, some signal behind it. I know somebody very close to me who was in a coma when I was much younger, and they recall dreaming of things that were actually going on around them without them knowing, but they were twisted with fantasy and nightmare, too. I think that everybodys dreams are like that.

That's exactly why I love dreams; they are reality and fantasy intertwined. Everything I love blended into one big, beautiful picture in your mind. Wacky, isn't it?

The End

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