Sometimes I dream when I'm still awake. Some people would call that a daydream, but usually daydreams are what you wish would happen. My awake-dreams I can't control.

When I am daydreaming, I dream that I'd finish my story, but I know that's not going to happen on its own. I dream that I'll be the best Irish Dance in the world, but I haven't even started yet. I dream that I'll meet someone who will understand me, but that's a farfetched idea. I know, when I'm daydreaming, that it will never come true.

But when I am asleep, I don't know that. I think it will happen, and that stops me from being discouraged. Because if you think, that'll never happen, it never will. We all need to know that. In my dreams, they are often completely absurd - but then they often come true. I've found before that dreams I've had have happened to the letter. Some of them were bad dreams. Others were good.

Sometimes I have nightmares. Like the recurring one about a bridge with a hole in it and a waterwheel. But that stopped years ago. Now it's fire that destroys me.

I love dreaming, but most of all I love it when the good dreams come true.

The End

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