Daydreamer... Night Dreamer... Forever Dreamer

I have always dreamt. I have always lived partly in dream and reality. I've watched the dragons soar over mountains, watched the eagles soar with pagasi. I've seen myself as an elvish princess, been saved by a knight called William. I've watched powers fade, seen battles lost. I've seen people roam near and far, and never once fins what they seek.

In the days, as my car drives through medows green and forests mysterious, I see cyclops, bears and centaurs, all battling for a corner in my imagination, all as much part of me as the steady beating of my heart. I don't have to choose between dreams and reality, but sometimes I would gladly trade one for another. In reality I am a single girl wiht a mind that is ignored yet has the power within it to change part or a lot mroe of this world. In dreams I see a world torn apart because they refused to listen.

In dreams, I've seen my future children die, watched peoples' souls grow cold, and even looked on helplessly as the only man I love was killed... It hurts. To dream is not only a gift to me, it is a curse. And I can't stop it.

My dreams consist sometimes of truth, sometimes of fantasy, and someitmes of a mix of neither and yet both. It becomes confusing, the ongoing flow of pictures, day in and day out, as steadily flowing as my blood in my veins.

And I'm just a fourteen year old girl... with a gift, albeit, but at the same time, entirely unsure of her purpose

They call me the Daydreamer, and I'll probably forever be dreaming.

The End

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