I dreamed a dream.

This is, well not quite a collabrative story, but a bit f fun where you write a chapter about what you have always dreamed about.

My dream is, many things. I have dreamed, like many other a human, when i looked upon the stars.

I dream, that i would become a Doctor, Baker, Fashion designer and teacher. I have always wanted to open a cafe, a cake shop, change lives and save lives. To become a Jack of all trades, but,  i am sure that when i was younger i also dreamed of being a penguin, or something like that.

I also dream to find a love, a true love. Who doesn't? But, I don't want to kiss a frog and see him turn into a handsome prince. I just want to find someone, serious about what matters to them, lighthearted and yet wise, and intelligent.

I want to travel the world. See the roaring falls of Canada, the desolate dunes of Egypt. The roaming plains of Africa and the Golden provinces of China. I want to see all the people, from every corner of the world and every walk of life. But yet...

I realise that this dream, is too big. A dream to big for one lifetime, this i know. It also saddens me. However. A dream it is and all dreams are lined with hope. Hope gives us our will to make our Dreams complete.

But now, i implore you to tell. What are your dreams?  

The End

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