It's actually my birthday.  And my sister Betsy didn't really let me sit in the chair when I wanted to, so I got on the computer.  And I told her earlier to actually go on this website, but she never really has since she wrote the previous chapter to this story.  And this story isn't really a story.  It's kind of a rant?  I'm not sure.  Betsy said that I always have to one-up her, because today I wore my spiderman slippers when she wore her kitty-cat slippers.  I guess I kind of did one-up her.  But they're my slippers.  "If a bear is threatening you, you should put your arms up to make yourself look bigger.  But why were you fighting in the first place?"  That's the answer I got from cha-cha when I asked them what the color of a perch was on a sunday morning in Germany.  Goodbye.  FIN.

The End

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