I Don't Know What I'm Doing.. Here.


I was sitting in the computer room and my sister Annie just says 'You should probably get an account on here.' So I did. And now I'm writing this here and don't really know why. There's nothing really interesting about my life or about what I have to say. I suppose I could come up with some sort of elaborate story and tell you that that's my life, but that's lying and I am not a liar.. not now not ever. Most of what I have to say is an inside joke, between me and myself. And everything else that I have to say is an inside joke between me and my sister. I went to Best Cuts and got a hair cut, went home and dyed it darker, and showed my mom. She hates it but I was expecting that. I like it so I'll probably keep it this way, until my hair grows that is. This isn't a story.. It's a journal entry.. but I don't 'do' journals.. so it will be titled as a story. :) FIN.
The End

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