I Don't Know

I guess I kinda cute. I guess I am kinda gorgeous. I don't know. I know why people might think that, but I am not sure I am. My parents volunteered for the trial. I had no opinion in the matter. I was not born yet. I was not concieved yet. I was nothing but a dream. The dream of two idealistic parents.

I am every thing they wanted. Is that a good thing? I don't know.

Now, I am tormented with these thoughts on a daily basis. What would have happened, had the trial not been ready? Or, if my parents had not been eligable? It probably would not matter much, cause they could just buy it.

Money will do wonders. I doubt my parents would have been rejected. They are the results of sacrifice. For as many generations as anybody cares to remember, there has been no love in either side of my "family". It is simply deciding who would best carry on the genes. my own parents marrage was planned before they were even born.

In a family low on love, I was raised very different from other children. They all knew I was different. Was suppossedly better. I didn't know. No one bothered to tell me.

The End

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