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Its a story in a story, Anthony is writing a novel about Micheal who is just haveing a bad life in total, Micheal goes on a killing frenzy. There's a leak in Anthony's office and his story gets out and is compared to an actual murder that occuried a night before Anthony's novel leak. Sound interesting ??

My love for mysteries has always appeared odd, from a young age I'd read chapter novels while children my age were still reading picture books. Along with my love for mysteries came my love for the outlaw and death's mysterious cylce. But not once when I began writing did I ever believe someone would take my writing so seriouslly. Flingin me into the flashing lights, and guiding me into the darkest part of the peoples heart. HATERED for my imagination. A course I'd rather not repeat. The name I had given him was Micheal. 

Micheal was partially the average male, he was 6"2 had brown spikey hair and that rocker look to him, though his appearence appeared young but his mental state was years ahead of his looks. Micheal was 23 years old, had a 9 to 9 job, it payed well. He had very few friends one being his overly demanind boss. Todd Retchus.

Micheal dispised him along with 20,000 other things. He hated babbiesm he hated his neighbors, he hated his neighbors dog,he hated glyies,cats,cute kids,little boys, little girls and the list goes on. Nut the ultimate hatered was for his current gold dogging girlfrind. Mia. Mia was your out spoken,beauty queen brat or as he reffered to her behind her back  "Bitch".

'It had been a long day begnning with that wrethced rat of a dog from my nieghbor's yard barking waking me up 2 hours befor the right time, 2 GOD DAMN HOURS! Then I was late due to traffic. Mia called me at work begging me to go on a family vacation with her life draining, hopefully soon to be dead parents. But now its time to relax, sit back and probably try to have a humain conversation with this cluctrophbic wretch I call a girlfriend.

He parked his Blue Hondua infront oh his average ,something he'd love to upgrade if only Mia would stop bothering him about it. He kept the key in his hands knowing that in half an hour he'd need them to escape beign called a murdereer. He walked into the house the aruma that hit him was wonderful. Smelt like a welll cooked meal, something they hadn't had in more than likely a year. "Honey I'm home !" He walked into the living room to find a pasted out Mia. His pulsed picked up. From joy.Maybe she'd be dead he rushed over to her and felt for a pulse,he couldn't feel one but her even breathing confirmed that she was still alive. Sadly, he sighed and released  the breathe he wasn't aware he was holding.The life he had ws nothing like he had planned for himself, he had planned to have a mansion and have his platnium albums on sale , and he'd be on magazines 'Wolrds greatest Rock Idol' but reality crushed every aspect of his dream. "You don't seem to be so happy?  She's a jewel but I say you can do so much better." The voice echoed in and out of his head. Sounding so familiar yet seeming so distant. "Whos in my house ?" assuming he hadn't already gone crazy. "I'm in you house, in your dreams, and I'm even in your head buddy, I'm you." Yep, he'd gone mad.He turned and walked into the kitchen and at the dining table to his surprise his meal had already been set for him a smile crept onto his face. The first honest simle in months, what made me this way? He thought to himself hoping he wouldn't answer himself. "I don't know really, it was so fun, good and then it got so plain, boring barely any sex its jsut sad. Really depressing." i've got to get myself together, really. The food was delicious it surelywasn't Mia's cooking other than breakfast and a burger that girl couldn't cook to save her damn life.

Disappointed in his choice in women, it was great to finally get away from the pizza's and burger's. Get some real food, it reminded me of my mother's food and I loved it. Savouring every bite, he ate in peace. The clattering of dishes seemed to wake his deprived version of sleeping beauty. "Can't you wash dishes quietly! Damn your so annoying yet so sexy Mikey." Her words slurred so maybe the name slipwas just a mispronounciation or he just had a new nickname. So he ignored and continued. "You shouyld get home Micheal will be home soon!" As she strutted into the kitchen tear's filled her eyes along with terrorand shame. "Oh he got lost and so will you ." H e smiled as he dismisse her a new reason to get rid of her. "To hell I WILL! Half the shits in this place are mine! And My parents payed this months mortgage!" "Thats because your dumbass went and spent the money on Mikey!" his tine teased when he spoke the name. "Bitch get the fuck outta here ! What you waiting for !" "Me, get out ?" She picked up a dish that he had forgot to wash, she flung it at him. He dogded still feeling the shards of the now broken plate. "Your fucking nuts !"

She jumped in front of him and throwa punch, shouldn't he be steaming with anger finding out that she was the one cheating ? He caught her fist and flung it back "Come alot better than me !" she glared at him. "Get out ! Pack your shit and get out!" he pushed passed her something his dad told him never to do, thinking back he just broke two rules. "Never turn your back on an angry woman and never amger a woman." he smiled in content.He sat on the couch wondering if he should throw that out aswell, he could hear tha slamming of draw's, whimpering and heer scoldong herself.She arrived infront of her minutes later, he bag's packed. "Babe I love you pleasedon't do this ?" She begged and it only made him madder. "Bye." "I don't have any money and my car won't get far." "Well you should have thought of that, call fuck face um, Mikey  use your phone don't think about touching my house phone" She stammered for a minute " What! Fuck no , No that was a mistake !" She pulled a nife from a section in her bag. "Should of saw that coming , actually I did." H e pulled a empty pisttol from behind the couch pillow, a gift from her dad used to scare the fuck outta here . "I was really hoping you'd come to you sense's" She flung the nigfe and I dogded out of the way seconds before it made contact with my chest. I rolled out of harms way.  "I'm gonna tell my dad !" I bet you were wondering if I hated he so much why not leave her right? Well, the answer is simple her dad the King Mafia, someone you don't want to cross. grind my bones after cutting me up and give to to the sharks. Mia, flung herself forward, and began swinging it almost slipped my mind that she was a blackbelt, i was no blackbelt but I could handle my own.  She slapped me and it snapped ! I jave never been hit ever not even by my mother. I grabbed her by her hair pulled her down and smacked her. She crawled away, and kicked catching my leg. I flung her towards the wall my anger reaching a whole new level. Everything was sneakignout. She grabbed the nife from the couch and came forward. I dogded grabbed it away from her weak grip, it slipped out of my hand. I t landed in her chest repeatedly, her blood spraying onto me. Her screams slowly becoming nothing.'

Anthony what are you doing ?

(That was just the first draft , hope you enjoyed it :) please comment on it and help me if you wish thanks for your time )

The End

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