Bad Luck.

The boy lay huddled in a corner, shivering and scared. His bleeding hand and a scratched body was just a idstraction. The room was dark, just one small light in the corner, just enough to make out the chair in a corner and a sheet on the floor.

He must have fallen asleap, felt a kick on the shin and saw a piece of bread in a cup and a tin mug of something steaming. Too scared to eat, he shivered and stared at the mug. " Eat your food, you need to be strong to survive here.", he looked up to see the gaurd move on with his inspection. There was something in the voice gave him hope.

His memory raced back to the previous night, the damp cold night was making himshiver, he saw garage lights and the garage door was open, they forgot to close it he thought. The pile of blankets against the wall of the garage was so inviting , he could not resisit.

He sneaked into the garage and was about to pull the blanket and he heard the police car flashing to a halt outside, panicked  and tried to run- too little too late! They had him in no time. Lttle did he know there was a body under the blankets.

The End

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