"I don't deserve this!"

Young 23 year old Joe is falsly accused and sent to prison. Will the truth be reveiled? Is their a greater conspiracy to be unveiled? And what will happen during the search for truth?

The boy stummbled as calloused hands pushed him into the room.  He tripped and fell to the floor his hands hitting the rough stone and leaving deep scratches as the rock cut into his palms.  The door slammed behind him and he turned and jumped to his feet, frantically running to the door and wrapping his scrapped hands on the bars.  "No, you can't do this to me.  I don't deserve this." 

The man laughed in the boy's face.  "That's what they all say.  But you my friend are as guilty as they come."

"No, please, please wait." 

But the man didn't wait as he turned and headed down the hall.  "Enjoy your new home."

The boy screamed into the darkness.  "You can not leave me here.  You can't."  The screams echoed off the walls and bounced back at him confirming that he was indeed alone.  He slumped to the ground his back against the wooden door of the cell, HIS jail cell.

The End

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