I Do Not Deserve You!

This is about my bestfriend. Her name is Shanae, and she is everything i always wanted in a friend.


You’ve been so good to me. I love you more then anyone else. I care for you beyond belief. But that is the reason I must go. I do not want to get to far in to this. I have had a friendship similar to this one and it ended up in heartache. I will not put myself in that danger again. I love you and I will always love you no matter what. Hate me. Love me. Whatever you do, just don’t follow me. I needed you, well in fact I still do, but I can’t go through that same heartache again. You have Evan. And Courtney. You will be just fine. I love you so much please don’t do anything stupid? Love you Goodbye Shanae.

The End

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