“Cathy” Jason sighed, he couldn’t help but stare into the beautiful blue eyes, “ aqua that gazed at him with such devotion, “.. I have to go.” He paused, waiting for a reaction. THE reaction. He expected an explosion of questions and forlorn looks from Cathy, but he should have known better, that kind of behaviour only ever came from his wife.


 Kathleen was not like Cathy, she always pursed her lips, frowned as her dark eyes almost turned black, letting her thoughts show so evidently. He could read Kathleen, Cathy just seemed to gaze. What did he expect from the young, blonde twenty something – she was utterly devoted to him and Jason smiled knowing that.


“OK” Cathy smiled. She loved Jason. Her Jason. What this young girl didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her right.


Jason left this blonde, still undressed from their few hours together and headed back to work. He didn’t feel anything. The first few times he strayed, it was guilt that ate away at him but now, after all this time he had stopped feeling so bad. This was his life; Kathleen hadn’t been the same for years, ever since the accident five years ago.


Hours later, Jason sat at his desk, gazed out at the girls walking past the building. He was thinking back to the days when his marriage was rock solid, his wife was… normal, she was funny, carefree and very determined. Her determination had always been something Jason found sexy. Kathleen could ,and would, do anything she wanted; anything she needed Kathleen would go after, and she’d never give up until it was hers, that’s how he fell in love with her, she wanted him and had never given up until she got the gold band on his finger. Where was that woman?  “Fancy a drink Jase?” Mark Hannah, his best friend and work colleague inteupted. Jason turned and smiled, “You know what Mark, a night out is just what I need. “  

The End

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