Ill Fate

He was always "out" with Mark, or Daniel, or Adam or someone she'd never heard of. She listened to the diminishing sound of his footsteps until she could hear nothing more. This was an exemplary reflection of him in what was no longer a "relationship". Or it was no longer their relationship. They had a relationship of living in the same house, sleeping in the same bed - occasionally for the whole night, and of those binding words, "until death do us part". 

How could he still believe that she didn't know? Kathleen wasn't senseless; she could hear him creeping out of the bed in the middle of the night, getting dressed, opening the garage and taking the car out. As he left her there in their bed, under the white warm sheets. She'd given up on crying. What was the point if he didn't know and didn't come back? Come back to her, not just the house. 

But there was a time when he didn't treat her like dead weight, a burdensome thing no longer worthy of his loving words or warm hug. 

The two were young when they met, in their early 20's. What a place to meet, the library. It was rather "cute" how they met. Both of them in need of the same book, which the library, sadly, only carried one copy of. Or not quite so sadly back then when she thought about it. Jason was always first, from the very beginning. 


"Hi, I can't seem to find 'Wuthering Heights'..." The young and energetic Kathleen asked the librarian. 

"Oh yes, that young gentleman just walked out with it I'm afraid. You'll have to come back again sweetheart." 

"What young man?" Kathleen needed the book desperately. She hadn't evens started the analysis and Mr. Wills was rather merciless, whether or not the student was abnormally gorgeous. 

"That man right there." The librarian squinted as she pointed at a tall figure walking down the sidewalk. 

"Thank you Miss." Kathleen rushed out of the library and ran after the person she was soon to fall in love with. And out. 

"Excuse me sir? Excuse me!" He turned around puzzled, "Sorry, could you do me a favor? Could I please borrow that book for just two days? I'm urgently in need of it for a term paper. Very sorry for the blunt request." She asked sweetly. 

"No, I've got to use it too. Sorry." 

"Please? I promise I'll give it back day after tomorrow." 


And the argument went on. As Kathleen looked back on it now, she could have just left. She could have gone to the bookstore two blocks away and found loads of copies of 'Wuthering Heights' but she didn't. That made her think. This was doomed from the start. 

Her face lost it's lively beauty and her heart lost it's motivation. Where was her common sense when she needed it? Why did I look in all the wrong places? 

The End

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