Run away

Jason ran. Hs feet pounded onto the sand. He could see the waves lapping onto the shore as he ran.

He ran to get away from it all. This was escape. An hour each day, just him, the beach and his thoughts. The outside sounds drowned out by the mp3 player in his hand.

As a child Jason ran, for fun, for school but mostly to get away. Escape the constant tirade of insults being thrown around his home.

His parents were not the loving kind. Even now, his father never had a good word for Jasons mother, but then again neither had Jason. His mother, Ellen, had left on his fourteenth birthday. She packed, left and never offered an explanation to her only son.

Jasons final memory of his mother was as she turned, glanced at her watch and walked out of the house. He hadn't ran after her, tried to get her to stay. He hadn't wanted too. Jason and his dad were better off, or so he had thought.

That was twenty years ago. Jason didn't know whether his mother was dead or alive.

After an hour, or maybe longer, Jason returned home. He knew Kathleen would be there, looking forlorn. Always on at him with another question. Never just understanding he needed his own space.

Walking straight upstairs to grab a shower she appeared at the bottom step,

"Nice run?" she asked. Did he detect sarcasm in her tone? Nowadays he could never tell. He didn't react and answered simply, " Fine."

"Do you want Lasagne for dinner tonight darling," Kathleen tried to get her husband to respond, " I thought we could eat, have some wine, maybe watch or film.. or have an early night." Trying to allure him with all the sedution she could muster, she slowly unfastened the next button down. Looking up at her handsome husband hopefully.

"Leave me some Kath," he dismissed her without a second glance, "I've got to meet Mark tonight to talk business."

Kathleen understood, she just wished she didn't.

The End

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