Jason froze as he closed the mailbox. The living room lights were on. They were never on so early in the morning. His grasp on the bills and notices tensed. He walked cautiously towards the front door, trying to see if Kathleen was inside through the windows. Her tall figure, her auburn hair, her silk white dressing gown that he bought for her last Christmas emphasized her slim, beautifully shaped body. 

He stopped at the door, and slowly turned the key into the lock and went inside. 

"Where were you?" Kathleen asked, no bitterness in her voice.

"I just went out for a walk. I was having a headache." Jason replied, just as indifferently. 

She looked at him in the eye and knew he was lying. She knew where he was but she had a certain duty as a wife to this certain man. A mutual rule that she had foolishly agreed upon on the first day as a married couple - do not question. Proceed graciously, like a woman. You are not a girl. 

"There's some coffee in the pot. Do you want me to prepare something?" Kathleen offered, not commenting on his "headache".

"No, I'll just have coffee." Kathleen reached for a mug in the upper cabinet. She felt like she was going to faint at that shameless husband of hers. No, I'll just have coffee. With one hand on the bench for support, she got the pot and began to pour. 

"Dammit!" The coffee ran to the sides, staining the white mug and marble counter.

Drip, drip. And onto the floor. 

Kathleen got a cloth and began to clean up the mess. The tip of her finger touched the side of the hot mug and sucked it out of pain. 

"Be careful." It was too late to be careful for Kathleen. Jason just stood there. 



The End

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