I do.. don't I?

"I do."

The magical spell had worked, they were together forever. Bonded by a love, so intense nothing could break it.


Jason threw back the cotton sheet, exposing his muscular, tanned body to the day. He glanced around the room for his clothes, and the smiled to himself as he remembered. Walking towards the bedroom door he found his navy boxers wrapped around the post of the bed. He stole a quick look at her, still sleeping soundly. Her blonde hair, sexily tousled, lay like halo, making her beauty a glowing presence in the room. Her lips, pink and slightly swollen, like rosebuds made him ache. He would love to have those lips on his firm body again. Her kisses on his skin, her tongue teasing him. He would be back soon.

Piece by piece Jason found his clothes as he left the apartment. The sunlight shone, the birds were singing and he could hear the sound of the waves lapping on the golden beach. Life was good.

As he got into his car Jason reached into the glove box, there it lay just where he left it. He put the golden band back on the third finger of his left hand.

It was time to back to reality.

The End

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