I Die FreeMature

Ask a person if they would rather live enslaved or die free; more than half of them would claim that they would rather die free. However, most of them are already living enslaved blissfully unaware and may go through their whole lives like this and not know it. This story shows the cost of being free.

In 2045, the countries of the middle east, after hundreds of years of fighting, finally found peace. The United Nations negotiated with the leaders of these countries for over a decade following the long awaited conclusion of the war in Afganistan. While the US had once again gained positive relations in the middle east the other countries still had issues with the Israeli people. After ten more years of dispute the Israelis came to a peace settlement. A treaty was signed in the city of Jerusalem in the presence of the leaders of each involved nation. It seemed as though the world would finally have peace. However, the troubles of the world haven't even begun...

The End

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