I Didn't Make You Pay

You hurt me. You tortured me. You experimented on me. I should have made you pay.

You looked so small in that bed. So peaceful, so fragile. You had to die. You had to, for your crimes against humanity. For your crimes against me. 

You killed me. You killed the person who I was known as, who I was defined as.  You turned me into this...this person who I now am. I was so young. Did you realise that?

 You locked me away, kept me separate from other people. You experimented on me. Did you fashion yourself a modern day Victor Frankenstein? Why did you hurt me?

 You were so peaceful, so serene. I killed you humanely, an injection in your neck as you slept. You died quietly. A death you deserved, in a manner you did not deserve. I should have made you pay. I didn’t make you pay.

 I didn’t make you pay. 

The End

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