I dated a ghost..

Ghost story

I once dated a ghost of a man
We'd only met for a day
charming, gallant and so many things
his disappearance let me dismayed

It was as though he never existed
under false pretenses did he meet?
why did he ingratiate himself though
only to then silently retreat?

I tracked him to an address
but no one had ever seen
any person there ever living
or in the past had ever been

I researched old county records
and finally discovered him there
He had died several years ago
of his whereabouts they were unaware

Perhaps it only was a resemblance
a relative from his family tree
But I didn't really want to accept
the stunning nature of my discovery

I read about all these women
the sheer numbers had me amazed
They all had a lovely encounter
for an evening hopes were raised

The End

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