an A"bovine"ation

It all came crashing down on our village moments before the king's emissaries.


"Round them up! Take as many as you can!" Their shouts filled our small valley, stirring the villagers into a chaos.

I, of course, was in the bar. It wasn't busy, devoid of customers, actually, so I was practicing my sword skills on a heap of carrots. They fell in droves before my merciless blade, and I skinned them alive. I was a cruel woman, definitely not up to hero calibre.

The shouts and screams roused me from my devastation, so I took up my knife and set out the back door, anxious to see what was the clamour.

"Load them into the wagons! Our lord needs all he can get!"

I looked about in horror and dropped my knife, my only weapon. The carts were full, but they men kept packing them in. Piles and piles, like the mutilated mass that was my cache of carrots.

"Move out! Yaah!"

And with that the wagons took off, slow at first but then gaining in speed. I couldn't fathom how they went so fast with such cargo, but somehow they managed.

Magic of the necromancers, I thought, appalled.

The knights rode in then, banners flapping and voices rising. They circled the village, a protective shield.

They were too late, though. The wagons were gone, along with their cargo. Women cried in the street, children buried their heads into the folds of their mother's dresses. Even the men had mist in their eyes.

One of the horsemen rode up to be, decorated and emblazoned. Obviously the leader.

"Are you alright, our Hero?"

I stood stunned. "They took them. Took them all."

"Took what, m'lady?"

"The... the..."

His eyes widened in obvious concern, a bead of sweat forming on his brow.

"They took all the cows."

The End

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