Sea of yoursMature

Darwin slowly inched out of the closet.  He could still hear the heavy footsteps of the monsterous creature that had been standing next to him seconds earlier.  The hall was splattered in blood and was littered with mutilated bodies.  Darwin swallowed hard and prepared himself for the images that would haunt his mind for all eternity.  His foot touched the ground and began to feel for a place not slick with blood.  Out in the open again.  He looked back and forward.  No living people.  Another scream reminded him that there was still a human life left.  Not knowing what he would once he got there, Darwin sped down the corridor trying to keep his eyes away from the bodies.  He could hear the monster ahead, laughing manichally.  In the room, Mrs.Baker was backing againts the wall.  Four faceless were coming at her.  She whimpered and watched as they began to bear down on her.  Just as one was about to lunge, a large hand grabbed it and threw it to the side.  Two more were brought down by a large ax blade.  The last one standing, backed off mindlessly to let the big creature through.  The ax wielder marched closer.  Mrs.Baker could now see he wasn't a faceless, but instead was the human resouces director.

"Catherin.  You bitch, I'm gonna tear that pretty red dress off and have some fun stomping your face in."  He said smiling wildly.

"Get the hell away from me!  Your not one of them, why!"  She yelled back.

"Why not, this isn't happening, it's just a dream.  These things are just mindless drones, my co workers, no face so I can show no remorce.  And I get to cut them all up.  Do you know how much hell I go through!  AND NOW IT PAYS OFF!  I get to cut up everyone in the building just for fun!"  He laughed.

"Now if I get to beat the shit out of that kid, I will be ok with waking up!"

Darwin reached the doorway just in time to hear this.  He suddenly stopped upon seeing the man infront of him.  His limbs and body looked as though they had been put on a rack but not broken by the strain.  Mearly lengthened.  The man turned his head back to see Darwin.


Darwin wanted to run and try to escape.  But every move he made was irrelevant to fate.  The demon that stood in front of him swung his massive limbs preparing to tear his employer apart.  Limb from limb.  Splitting his skull.  Ripping his head off completely, and eating it.  The bloody glory.  The ax closed in on his head, the time seemed to pass far too quickly.  The cold edge of deaths makeshift scythe began it's decent.  But he wasn't dead yet, was there something he could do?  No, he would die.  With her watching.  She would see his demise.  She would need a new doll to toy with.  But this one was so fun.

She sat there.  Alone, on the black sand beach that covered the island.  Parasol held over her head covering her small body in a veil of shadow.  She starred out upon the murky sea.  Nothing in sight.  Just a endless expance of blood and tears.  Then a sudden splash startled her.  It was a hand splashing through the shore break, a person trying to claw his way to land.  She was curious of this and continued to watch.  A body slowly followed the hand.  Unto the shore he flopped his body, spitting and coughing.  His head bent back, and there eyes met.  Darwin froze in place, the little girl was back.

The End

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