Hell on the 9th floorMature

The creatures continued to look at him.  They had no eyes, yet they seemed to be able to detect him.  The one that Darwin had touched moaned and flopped it's arm out.  It seemed to be learning what these new appendages could do.  It cocked it's head, looking at Darwins desk.  It felt around, touching his notes and pens.  And then it reached the letter opener.  There was a slicing sound as it tried to pick up a letter opener by it's blade.  Blood dripped from the clean wound.  It looked at the hand, rubbing the blood on it's face.  Then it looked back at the blade that was now a fine shade of crimson.  It reached over and grabbed it by it's handle this time.  Time ticked for him.  Blood flowed and splattered on the ground.  Darwin was staring in horror as the thing looked back at him holding the blade.  The creatures then unanamously began to shuffle twoard Darwin, one still holding the knife.  Darwin began to push himself back twoard the door.  He jumped up and ran, throwing open the door.  The hall was empty and the creatures were quickly realizing they could run.  Darwin charged twoard the staff elevator and pressed the button.  Luckly it was on his floor and opened up.  Unluckly, another of the faceless were inside.  It lunged at Darwin who ducked and tripped it out of the elevator.  He pressed the button and the elevator began to close.  The elvator was closed and was heading twoard the first floor.
The Darwin got his barrings.  If this was a dream, then it would play itself out.  If it isn't then he had to survive.  There was a ding as his elevator reached the last floor.  It opned up to the dark hallways that led to the reception area.  He stepped and felt his foot touch something.  He looked down and saw a decapitated body.  He looked up and saw another body with a massive split in his chest cavity.  There were more bodies.  At least seven.  All appeared to have been killed with a ax.  He nearly vomitted at the display of gore.  He ran down the hallways trying to get away from it.  He slowed down panting.  He had found the emergency escape doors but they were locked.  The lock had been ruined and Darwin's master key didn't open it.  He sat down and looked around for a answer.
Wait.  Wasn't there a fire ax right next to the door?
Darwin looked up at the red box.  The ax was gone.  The glass had been broken and it had blood all around it.  There was a sudden scraping sound that made Darwin jump.  He ran into a janitors closet that was nearbye.  He peeked out of crack in the door.  Heavy footsteps aproached him.  There was a scraping sound following it.  They came closer.....closer......closer, until they were right outside his hiding spot.  There was a sound like drooling.  He could see a pair of long legs with blood spots on the things trousers.  It was carryng something.......the fire ax.  There was a stop in the drooling.


There was a sudden scream from a corner office.

"MEAT.  ME......CHOP!"

The thing slowly departed.
Darwin thought to himelf.  He had to find a way to save that person.  It had sounded like a woman.  Very familliar.  Oh hells, Mrs.Baker.

The End

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