I Can't Tell You Why, for I have no mouthMature

A CEO thinks his life is mapped out to be great until he dies. But something might bring death closer than he would like.

   Power screws up a man.  Drives him to insanity, and sometimes he won't get back.  If power is what you crave, then you crave to lose your mind.  I have power, and I feel fine, but then again, that's what they all say.  I went through hell.  Divorce, lawsuits, blackmail, death threats.  And now what?  Is this my end.


Darwin had been sleeping.  The grandfather clock in his office ticked off his dreams.  One hour.  Two hours.  Three hours.  Time slowed in his mind.  He felt blood dripping down his arms and touching the white floor of his mind.

"Damnit!"  He screamed in agony.

"I can make it worse."

"Go to hell."

That devilish smile.  She was enjoying this.  She clenched her doll and Darwin felt his arm burst.  A thousand drops of blood erupted from his arm.

"More"  She said.

His hand exploded.  All that was left was a bloody ragged stump with a jagged and deformed ulna sticking out.

"AGHHHHHHHH"  He screamed.

He collapsed on blood soaked floor.  He lay there whimpering.  His arm hurt so much.  Maybe it would be better with no arm.  He reached over with his right arm and grabbed the shouder.  He dug in and screamed.  He continued to pull, ripping the limb from it's socket.  He felt every tendon snap and watched his flesh tear like parchment.  And then the last bits of his arm were gone.  He threw them on the floor.  He stood up and looked at his sadistic tormentor.  She had her dark hair covering her eyes.  She was a little girl no older than himself.

"Look at you.  Red is a pretty color."  She giggled excitedly.

"Yeah, well why don't you try some on."  He yelled back.

She raised her arm and pulled back her black sleeves.  Darwin looked open mouthed at the girl.  She had multiple deep cuts in her arms.

"I want to do this forever.  But if I keep this up you might just die on me."  She said staring at him.  Her voice was that of schoolgirls.  High pitched, but it seemed calming in a way.

She suddenly appeared directly in front of Darwin.  She leaned closer and kissed him on the cheek.  But her kiss felt like fire raging through his soul.  He fell back clutching his face with his one remaining arm.

"Bye bye."  She said waving slowly.

Darwin let go of his face and pushed himself up again.  He looked at his hand, blood fell to the floor.
Then he saw it.  The blood on the floor was moving and flowing across the ground.  Every drop unleashed a cloud of red.  His world was turning a shade of crimson.  His body sunk into it, his tried to resist but he had lost so much blood that he just fell over and was overtaken by his own bodily fluids.  Very disgusting when you think about it.

  Darwin shot up coughing.  He forced open his eyes and panicked.  He stopped.  He had raised both his arms.  He looked at them.  It was just a dream.  He recoiled back into his chair and blinked. His blue hair drooped over his eyes.  It was long and smelled like alchohaul from the dye.  His eyes were olive colored.  Some say they were the eyes of a demon.  He was a very lean man.  And a very smart one.  At age 15 he had a buisness inhereted from his father.  Now two months in and he was one of the whealthiest men on earth.  A knock at the door inturupted him.

"Mr.Windmore?  Are you awake?  I have some papers for you to sign?"  A female voie said from behind.

"Uh.  Yeah, come in Mrs.Baker."

The young woman opened the door and walked in with the papers.  She was in her twenties and was very curvy.  Long blond hair and a tight red dress.  Darwins father had issues with these facts before he passed away.  She sat the papers on his desk and looked at him.

"Are you ok sir?"  She asked.

"I'm fine.  Is this all the papers?"

"Yes sir, some more of those nasty letters came in today."

"And has there been any word about the "you know what" incedent yet."  He asked feeling akward.

"Your father passed on, they respect that and have stopped there lawsuit."  She said smiling.

Darwin leaned back and closed his eyes.

"That all?"  He asked.

"Good day sir."  She said walking off and closing the door behind her.

Darwin continued to sit there and tried to sleep.  A image of the hellish child who had tormented him appeared and he opened his eyes quickly.  He reached for a novel on his desk.  He pulled it to him and began too look at the contents.

"What the....."  He said looking at a bunch of blank pages.

He shut the book and thought for a second.  Then he slowly opened it back up.  Still no writing.  He quickly shut it again.

This is not happening.  This is so not happening.

He opened it again.  This time he gasped looking at a hundred lines of "This is not happening.".
He threw the book down and screamed in frustration.

I just need to calm down.  This work is getting the better of me.

He stood up and paced back and forth, muttering swears to himself.  He walked to the window and looked down at the city.  Snow was coming down.  The city was being blanketed.  Something was off.  The perfect white city.  It was empty.  Buildings were black and the streets were void of any life.  He turned and sat down.  He grabbed the phone and called Mrs.Baker again.

"Could you come here for a second."  He asked.

A few seconds later she walked in.

"Yes sir."  She questioned.

"Did.....something happen while I was asleep."

"Not to my knowlage."

"The streets are empty."

"It is rather bad weather sir."  She said looking at the snowfall.

"I....suppose your right."

"Good afternoon sir."  She said leaving again.

He grabbed his head.  Was he losing it?  He got up and walked down the hallway to the elevator.  He was on the 9th floor.  Above him was another six floors.  He looked over into another office.  Two men sat at tables conversing on product ideas.  He walked back to his office and sat down again.  A few hours passed and nothing happened.  Granted, about a hour ago the noise from the workers in back had stopped.  5:46.  Very soon people would be leaving.  The snowstorm outside had gotten worse.  Darwin went to the bathroom and washed his face and looked at himself in the mirror.  He fell back as he saw the little girl once more in the mirror.  He got up and she had departed.  Darwin tried to catch his breath and once more headed into his office.
The men from the other office had entered the room and were staring out his window behind his desk.

"Oy.  You two need something?"  Darwin asked.  He got no reply.

"Could you two please leave if you have nothing to report."  He said walking twoard them.  Still no answer.

He grabbed one by the shoulder.  The man moaned a disturbing inhuman sound.  It turned around showing a terror far worse than Darwin's dreams.  It was like something out of a store.  A manaequin would be the best description.  It was like a child had erased the original features and left it blank.  The noise came from a mouth under it's flesh.  It appeared that instead of haveing the features blank, they had pasted over it.  Its skin stretched as it released another chilling moan.  Darwin jumped back, unable to yell out for fear had it's hand on his jaw.  The other man turned around showing that half the mouth was covered, but his eyes contiued to be visable.  He appeared to be trying to resist, but the skin was slowly creeping up.  The man raised his arms.....no, the thing inside him was raising his arms.  He shook his head and let out muffled screams.  The hands grabbed hold of his head and snapped it.  The skin shot up and covered the lifeless head.  The thing then grabbed it's new aquisition and snapped it back into position.  Now the two things looked at each other, and then looked at Darwin.



The End

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