"Mummy?" whispered the girl. "Mummy, is that you?"  The door creaked, as it swung slowly open...

The pleasant morning sun creeped over the green hills, and a woman stopped. "I'm sure I locked this door," she thought, staring at the one infront of her, which was wide open. The room inside was dark, the bright pink curtains not yet drawn. She peered into the semi-blackness, at the small figure lying in the large bed. The woman strode over to the window, and pulled back the material. She turned to the bed once again, screamed, and slumped to the floor. Her daughter sat up in the bed, and smiled her sewn on smile, the threads pulled tight. Her large blue eyes were unblinking, and a single, blood red tear rolled down her pale pink cheeks. "Mummy?" said her voice, bright and cheerful. The woman looked up, sobbing and crying out.

"Lily?" she breathed, in between tears. "Lily, my baby, is that you?" 

The girl smiled wider. "Mummy, I told you. I told you, I told you. I told you I don't like dolly." a frown appeared, just for a moment, then she smiled differently, and when she spoke again the voice was different, harsher. "But mummy didn't listen. Mummy doesn't listen to silly girls, does she mummy? It's mummy's fault, and mummy's going to pay." she let out a giggle, and slid under the covers. "Watch out mummy, Lily's coming to get you."

The End

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