I can see you, MummyMature

This tale begins with a girl. She sat in a chair in a large room, that was rather empty. A doll sat at the other end of the room, on a chair of it's own. The girls eyes were staring at the doll. The doll smiled it's sewn on smile, the large stitches coming loose, which made it look sinister and leering. The eyes of the doll were large and unblinking, and they seemed to stare right back at the small child. But of course, it wasn't. It was just a doll. 

A tall, elegant woman hurried into the room. "Lily!" she exclaimed. "What have you done with your doll?" she picked it up, and the head fell, and rolled into a corner. The woman took the child, who we now know as Lily, by the arm, her long, red nails piercing the skin, and dragged her through corridors and up staircases, until Lily was flung into her room and the door was locked. A few minutes later, her mother came in, to find the girl sitting on the rug in the centre of the floor, tears rolling down her face. She shook with rage, or it could have been fear. "Lily, why did you do that to your doll?" 

"It kept finding me." the girl whispered. 


"I tried to hide, but it always found me. I locked it in the cupboard, but it was waiting for me in my room when I came back. It finds me."

"Don't be silly darling, it's a doll." She flung the beheaded toy into the room, and shut the door once again.

Later on, Lily sat in her bead, her eyes straining to stay open. The dolls body sat were it had been thrown. A quiet sound could be heard, like something rolling or rattling, getting closer and closer, the noise loud in the silent skeleton of the large house. Then it stopped. There was a tap on the door. Then again. The doll turned were it lay, until where it head should be faced Lily. The locked door clicked open.

The End

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