I Believe in Swing Sets

Inspired by the This I Believe Organization. It's really a personal essay. Check out their website http://thisibelieve.org/

This I Believe

I believe in swings. I don’t mean the action of swinging around, back and forth. I mean those play sets that you might have gotten when you’re four or six years old that all your other neighbors might have in their backyards too. Although I am a teen of seventeen years, I can proudly say there’s something special about swings that still draw me to them.

Before I had my own, my mom would have to take me to parks. My younger brother and I got finally got a real one when I was six for no real special occasion. I do remember that it was during the spring or summer and it was nice and warmoutside. For countless hours I would swing on my cherry red swing attached at the top of the play set and slide down the pine green sliding board, transferring into my own make-believe world.On my swing set, I could be anything. A pirate, a witch, a dog a cat, you name it. I would invite friends over to play, and we would swing and talk, back and forth for hours endlessly.

It would become a part of my life forever. I did take a break for about two years after finding a wasp’s nest carefully hidden under one of the wooden rafters, but that phase didn’t last for long. As I entered the fifth grade, I was given an iPod Nano for Easter Holiday.  From then on out, I would no longer enter the world of make believe on my swings. The swings would become my boom box, the back and forth motion of the swing would become my tribal dance. I could fly. All my worries and cares of the day would leave me. It would be the closest thing I’d have to flying.

Everyone has an addiction. Unlike the normal cliché addictions associated with teens like drugs and alcohol, mine just happens to be less harmful. Sometimes I do wonder if that much swinging might lead to future problems with my brain though. Being out in the open of my backyard connected me with nature. I grew to love nature in such a way that I decided to get a voluntary job at Oregon Ridge park when I entered high school. There I take care of the environment I’ve grown to love so dearly.

 As I age, my swing set has aged with me. Moss grows and the wood tarnish begins to fade. I know that one day; my beloved swing set will disintegrate into the ground forever a childhood memory. I’ll have to leave my home to start a family of my own. I’ll be sure to buy a swing set for my kids, so that someday, they will grow to love and appreciate the outdoors as much as I do.

The End

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