I Apologize for Saving Your Life

This is not my fault. I was trying to be a hero, someone’s savior, a person others would look at and say, ‘Hey, that young girl saved a child's life, you know.’

But no! I had to land myself with an ignorant, bossy, tyrannical, monopolizing rich child with no manners, sense of personal space or human rights. It seems that the result of my careful and meticulous upbringing was a situation that now causes me to be sitting across from 3 lawyers, a manservant and a snot-nosed devil-child. Great.


 No-matter what situation you may be in, always put others before yourself.

These words were imprinted in me since I was very small, by my all-knowing and understanding mother. As to her relationship with me, she was my closest ally. I never had many other friends, but none at all were as loving as she was. Every night she would sit and read to me, and in the mornings she would comb the very hair I had inherited from her; ghoulish black, and untamable even to the most skilled of hands. She was French, I believe, but now that I think about it I never remember her speaking any French to me at all, or to my father.

Ah, my father? He was indeed a well-spoken Englishman who had played a major role in an engineering company. Though, I remember he had a penchant for inventing, and I used to dream of being an inventor myself when I was little more than a baby. His strong accent and large, greased hands fascinated me as I huddled in the outhouse to watch him draw sketches of strange machines and scrabble pieces of metal into incoherent shapes. But, despite my best efforts, I have never had the time to sit down and put pencil to paper. Besides, I wouldn’t know where to start.

So, to summarize this brief account of my parentage and early childhood, I have had a pretty good life. Both my mum and dad had average incomes, my mother being a nursery school teacher, and my dad as outlined above. There have been a few, very minor blips as I grew through my teen years, such as stealing some money in order to pay for counseling for a friend’s heroin addiction, or accidentally setting my lab partner’s shoes on fire, but on the whole I am a nice kid. I got good grades in my GCSE exams and I am studying at college for A Levels in English, Psychology and Thinking Skills….whatever that is.

And now, I pose a question. Why, if I am a helpful, hard-working member of my society, should I be being persecuted for saving a little girl from an oncoming petrol-tanker?

The End

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