My CountryMature

A person becomes infected by a zombie virus and has to struggle that part of him is a zombie while another part is still human. The problem is how to convince the zombie half not to eat someones face and remain human after eating their brains.

*WARNING. Some profanity.*

Before I was a zombie I didn't like the cold in the winter. Loser. Most people who hadn't been here before would have imagined it to be a paradise. Shut up. People who had been here for a while could see the darker side but could remember how nice it used to be. Especially before they bombed it. Scare. It's developing again now though but this place is famous for its beautiful countryside. Stop talking. I used to celebrate the usual Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Nonsense. We used to eat a lot of candy for Halloween and turkey for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Brains. I grew up with rock and pop music. Sound of flesh from teeth with bone pick. This fucking town. It was already so small. It's worse now. Need more brains. We used to complain about the factories polluting the river. Prick. Now I'm a zombie. No. You dumb-dumb.  I prayed a lot for God to help solve this problem. Dork. That hasn't worked. Course not. The government tried to kill us. Faggots. It's not my fault I got infected with a zombie. Spaz. The newspapers went hog wild when they found out there was an infestation. No care. They closed the schools. No braaaains. When I try to talk, eloquent speech doesn't come out. Close the trap.  The words are garbled and all that comes out is what the zombie wants to say. Ha. I hobble on one leg. Twit. And it's not like I can just get on a bus or something. Eat brains. The homes and mini-markets are quite far apart around here. Shit county. Though we don't have any laboratories, theaters, or dancehalls, we've got a bunch of country bars all in a row. Brains. People here see themselves as decent people. Yummy. I used to be too. Not. We just wanted to live a simple life. Die pig. Maybe see my girlfriend. Sweet meat. And we definitely don't want any zombies. Fucks. I'd usually be going shopping or riding horses if things hadn't turned out like this. Horse meat. Yeah. But today is Sunday. No Brains. A lot of people are at church. Brains.

The End

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