I am who I am...........

The story is about a girl who despite being herself is disliked by many.In the story she displays her thoughts trough different times in her life. She describes her family and how some relatives are mean. She leads the readers in to her life . How she grew up?. Where she grew up?. Where is she now?. The story begins in past tense and goes to present times..............Its similar to my life but i have changed some names and occasions to avoid problems..

ME:Can you knock it off!

HER:You started!

ME:But its mine!!!give it back to me.


smash..........my favorite cup shattered on the floor.Its cause of my sister she has always been evil. No she is not older than me she is my younger sister Sara. I remember us being very close when she was a baby but now things had changed . She had started competing with me always trying to be better at everything. I was having a cup of juice when she entered the kitchen and started searching he refrigerator. I was reading a book and was being distracted by the noise she made. All i did was ask her to leave as quick as she can cause i was being distracted . Yet just to make a big fuss about everything and for mom to shout on me she came close to me and replied "I will not leave do what you want to do", in my ear. I didn`t want to argue so i moved away from the kitchen top to the dining table. She just to irritate me ,sat aside and started singing . I was angry cause she was now bugging me for nothing when I could not take singing anymore i left her to her foolish self and headed towards my room. Just after a few seconds as i was walking she called my name and said"Suzie!you forgot your drink", waving my cup in mid air. As I approached backwards to her to reach for my cup she started moving it around like a kid though she is 12. I caught hold of my cup and pulled it away from her. We were pulling ,arguing and u know what happened next...She is not the only sibling i have . I have a brother who is very adorable i love him to death he is 5 now. I did have a sie when i was two but she died when she was 2 months. I do not want to talk about her yet.

The End

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