Far from the planet Earth, in the universe the Doctor called
home, the Sister of Fate was watching the white dwarf star of her planet dip
below the alien horizon into the purple mountains.

Her blood red hair streamed in the warm summer breeze.

She wore white robes that fluttered round her bare feet and


“So what happens now?”


Her Daughter appeared beside her. The Daughter of Fate’s
eyes searched the heavens as though she half expected a blue box to appear any
second, spinning out of the sky.


“We wait.”

The first few rings of the gas giant began to peak over the tallest

Through the impossibly tall flowers in the valley below, a
figure was walking.

A figure in a white hood and robe.


As day turned to night, the Fates could see that there was
something aglow beneath her hood.


The figure threw back her hood and revealed herself.


“Very good ladies….. Are you ready for round two?”



~End of Volume One~



The End

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